Special Offer on 2 DVDs

Whenever I produce a DVD with Popular Woodworking Magazine, I get a small box of the finished product as part of my contract. I also receive a toe massage, a liver purging and a private performance of “Dance of the Seven Veils” (David Thiel can shake his moneymaker).

Anyway, we have a number of these in stock and we are going to sell them at a very nice price in the Lost Art Press store with free shipping. Quantities are very limited – about a dozen each. Here are the details.

Super-tune a Handplane: $21 plus free shipping
super-tune_cover_500Whether your plane is old or new, discover tips that will make it perform with surgical precision. With just a little effort and a couple hours, you can turn any handplane into a super-tuned, high-performance tool.

Many woodworkers are looking for a handplane that can be brought back to working life with just a little time and effort — and at a great bargain. This DVD from Christopher Schwarz shows you how to rehab a flea-market find (or soup up a new tool) into a perfectly tuned plane that can handle any task.

You’ll discover:

  • What to look for in an old handplane
  • How to break it down and clean it up
  • How to assess and address various problems
  • How to reassemble a plane beyond factory standards
  • And how to super-tune it for top performance

Mastering Hand Tools: $12 plus free shipping
MHT“Mastering Hand Tools” is a 2 disc DVD set that will introduce you to the basic hand tool skills to turn you into a woodworker equally comfortable in either the powered or hand tool world — and offer the best results from each world. Host Christopher Schwarz starts off the video by asking the question, “Why use Hand Tools?” A fair question that he quickly answers by extolling the benefits of traditional woodworking tools — blended with some of the niceties of power tools. Those benefits include a healthier work environment, fewer jigs and test cuts, and accuracy to within .001″. Watch along as Chris offers advice on selecting hand tools, shares tips for set-up and puts the tools to work.
Learn About:

  • Choosing and using marking knives and gauges and cutting gauges
  • Sharpening and using Jack planes and Smoothing planes
  • Selecting and using Handsaws and Rasps
  • The benefits of Braces and Hand Drills
  • and more about Chisels, Mallets, Scrapers and Router Planes

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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11 Responses to Special Offer on 2 DVDs

  1. Thomas Priest says:

    Another great holiday score, thanks for the double deal!

  2. Jim says:

    Sold out of “mastering tools”? Really? You just sent email!

  3. Marlon says:

    Aren’t these the videos that are on PWW’s ShopClass TV?

  4. Tim Henriksen says:

    Great videos at a good price. Unfortunately I already purchased both from “The Mother Ship”.

  5. charles Smith says:

    I can not find the way to order the DVD on your web site. I would like the one on Mastering Hand Tools. When I go to order on the website it indicates it is out of stock.

    Please hold one for me and tell me how to order.

    Charlie Smith

  6. sawdustmaker says:

    I noticed that The popular woodworking Located in Blue Ash ohio and Lost Arts Press are in fact located only about 30 miles from each other. This made me curious to see if Taunton Press was also located in that vicinity. To my shock I found out is is located in New Towm CT. I wish LAP and F-W-media would show some sympathy towards ant member of Taunton Press who had Children or Relatives killed in the recent massacre. I intend to post this message on F-W Media web site as well

  7. sablebadger says:

    Wow, that was fast! I got my copy of Super Tune a Hand Plane today. Something to curl up with a glass of something and watch Chris jump around the workbench.

  8. abtuser says:

    Got ‘Tuning…’, will probably watch ‘Mastering…’ on the PWW site. Looking forward to both.

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