Purging More Tools — All Sold

I am trying to reach the bottom of the barrel of tools I need to get rid of. Here are the terms. Please read them before sending me a message.

The first to say, “I’ll take it,” gets it.

I only ship to addresses in the United States.

After I receive your payment (PayPal or personal check), I’ll ship your item.

If you want an item, send an e-mail to chris@lostartpress.com and be sure to say which item you want.

So here’s what I’m selling:



SOLD: The Second-best Hammer I Own: $35 (parcel post shipping included)

I bought this True Temper “Elle Perfect” 13 oz. hammer as new old stock in a hardware store in Chicago. It still had tags on it from one of the first NFL Superbowls. It has an octagonal hickory handle. Plus a perfectly domed striking face and perfect balance.

When I bought it, it still had all the original labels. Then I went on “The Woodwright’s Shop.” While we were rehearsing, Roy Underhill stripped all the labels off all my tools. Wince. But OK.

I paid $35 for the hammer. That’s what I’m asking today: $35.


SOLD: A Bronze Lie-Nielsen No. 212 Scraping Plane: $150 (parcel post shipping included)

Other than the No. 80, this is the scraping plane that does the best job. It’s easy to hold – like a block plane – and does a very good job.


SOLD: Veritas Hold-down: $65 (parcel post shipping included)

Wow. I never thought I’d sell a holdfast. But here we are. I have so many benches and so many holdfasts that I am going to (slowly now) purge a few.

— Christopher Schwarz

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