The Last 156 Copies of ‘The Art of Joinery’ – Sold Out


I’ll try to make a long story short enough. While looking under my bed for some shoes, I found an unopened box of 52 copies of “The Art of Joinery,” our first book at Lost Art Press. Then while, doing inventory, I found another sealed box of 52 that was mixed in with “The Essential Woodworker.” And we had another box of them that we had pretty much forgotten about.

So we are going to sell these last 156 copies for $20 each plus shipping – way below the market rate for this book. If you want a copy of the first edition, now is your chance.

Before you order, please read this: One copy per customer. Sorry scalpers. If we find out you ordered more than one, we will simply cancel all your orders. As of 11 p.m. we are sold out.

In 2013 we are going to come out with a revised edition of this book with a new design, a new font, a few text changes and the addition of the entire original text from Joseph Moxon – unaltered for the purists.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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46 Responses to The Last 156 Copies of ‘The Art of Joinery’ – Sold Out

  1. James Gee says:

    Can I order from the UK? Please.

  2. Wendy Dodd says:

    Shut up and take my money. I’m breaking the “don’t buy anything for yourself the month before Christmas” rule for this. Thanks!

  3. Thomas Priest says:

    Got one! Thanks for the early Christmas present….

  4. Greg Miller says:

    I want one too, Chris.
    How do we deal with LAP’s old “not shipping outside of the USA” policy which so badly needs to change?
    Greg Miller, Western Australia.

  5. michael says:

    Excellent ! just ordered!!

  6. Mark Lethbridge says:

    Why can you not ship to Canada, its easy, just tell the post office its going to Canada and they send it here.
    Mark Lethbridge Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

    • lostartpress says:


      If it were that easy, we would of course do it. It is risky and expensive for a small company to ship internationally. We did ship internationally the first year in business. We lost our shirts on it.

      We hope to offer it when we can get the customs process automated. Otherwise, it would be unaffordable for you.

  7. Oh man I have the worst luck, 😦 no joke I literally gave up waiting on finding a hardcopy and bought the digital download of this book at lunch today when I put down my deposit for the deluxe Moxon reprint.

    • James Gee says:

      That is tough luck, but not quite the worst. Here in the UK we can’t order directly from LAP. That means no ‘Art of Joinery’, and no T-shirts. We can’t get wide boards to build 6-board chests, or attend any of Chris’ woodworking courses. Sob. Now I’m crying into my warm beer. The answer’s still ’emigrate’, I know.

  8. ajgodet says:

    Very excited to see/hear this…more excited to read it when it arrives. Thanks for offering at such a great price!

  9. Johnathan Fletcher says:

    Hi Chris, How does a Canadian order this book? Your online store seems to only allow US addresses. I really wanted to buy it for Christmas gift to myself.

  10. Bob Jones says:

    Got mine. Glad to get another chance at it.

  11. michael says:

    Can you please ship to Canada?

  12. Chris says:

    Take my money!!

  13. I wonder how many hours it will take to sell all the copies. I say maybe 5 hours tops.

  14. Jamie Bacon says:

    Will you be signing these books?

  15. Mat says:

    Glad to hear there’s a new edition coming out. Hopefully Lee Valley will carry up here in Canada

  16. frossm says:

    Just ordered. I would love to have it signed. Come on Chris, you’re not busy….

  17. phil williams says:

    Can you get Lee Valley to sell your shirts so all of your Canadian fans can have one?

    • lostartpress says:

      We cannot make anyone carry any of our products. It’s Lee Valley’s decision what to put in the Lee Valley catalog. We’d be happy to sell them shirts. Though they sell Lee Valley shirts….

  18. Niels says:

    So sweet. It’s a Christmas miracle!

  19. Eric Erb says:

    so, i’m out in the cold? 😦

  20. Devon says:

    Having seen the prices of copies of this book on used book and auction sites (who knows if anyone was paying those ask prices?) I am impressed with the price. Have two copies already or I would have been in for one. Class can be hard to define but its easy to spot when you see it.

    (Spoiler: $406 copy on Alibris)

  21. Did I miss them? The website won’t let me add to my cart.

  22. Sorry, I didn’t read all the comments prior to my last entry, I was trying to order as quickly as possible and alert you to my interest.

    Am I picking up in the comments, that you will be re printing this book? I mean, I have the digital copy, as I do of most of your books, but I for one, still have a substantial favoritism for the paper form. The digital is nice to read while waiting in a Dr’s office or other such places, but I really still like the hardcopy form much better.

    I really hope you’ll re print some of these titles.


  23. Sounds like I need to open a bookstore that ships to Canada.

  24. Chris R. says:

    Does anyone find this lust for the aquisition of ancient methods and tools through the vehical of e-commerce as fascinating as I do?

  25. Day late and a dollar short

  26. Floss says:

    I hope my copy gets here before Friday.

    It will be a good read in my post apocalypse survival ball.


  27. Joeb says:

    Damn! That’s what I get for working too much

    • Graham Burbank says:

      Yeah, I’m with you. Pulled a back muscle, got home by eight thirty, beer, hot bath, pillow. By the time I read this I was S.O.O.L. Guess it’s reprints for me.

  28. mikehomer says:

    please tell me theres one left I was actually considering pay 350 today for it on amazon

  29. mikehomer says:

    nevermind I’ve come to the realization that there all gone, bummer

  30. StPete says:

    Did you check in the trunk of the car to see if there’s any more?

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