5 Tools for Sale

Tools should be used. And when I have some that are doing more sitting than cutting, I give them to friends or sell them.

After 15 years at Popular Woodworking and purchasing tools for review, I still have more tools than I want. Today I’m getting rid of five of them. Here are the terms. Please read them before sending me a message.

The first to say, “I’ll take it,” gets it.

I only ship to addresses in the United States.

No, you cannot come to my house and dig through my basement.

After I receive your payment (PayPal or personal check), I’ll ship your item.

If you want an item, send an e-mail to chris@lostartpress.com and be sure to say which item you want.

So here’s what I’m selling:


Lie-Nielsen No. 4-1/2 in bronze anniversary edition. Made in 2006. Price: SOLD.

This plane is virtually unused. Sharpened once. Signed. And stamped with my mark. I’ll need to grind and sharpen it again for you before shipping it. I do not have the box or the papers – sorry collectors.


Lie-Nielsen No. 62 Low-angle jack plane. SOLD.
No apologies on this tool, other than the fact that it is stamped with my owner’s mark. The iron is O1 – I bought this before the A2 craze.


Gramercy Hammer, 9 oz. head. Price: SOLD.
It’s a great hammer. I just have too damn many hammers. No apologies, other than it has my owner’s stamp on it.


Gramercy Hammer, 4 oz., Price: SOLD
Again, too many hammers. This one is great for adjusting plane irons and driving sprigs.


Wood Joy Razor Shave. Price: SOLD
I bought this shave for a review that never materialized. It’s in new, unused condition.

— Christopher Schwarz

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15 Responses to 5 Tools for Sale

  1. Tom Dreher says:

    I’ll take the low angle jack if still available

  2. now that everything’s been sold, it’s too bad you can’t just delete the post so us latecomers don’t waste time slobbering over things that are no longer available…

  3. tsstahl says:

    Do you stamp the mark, or send it for engraving?

    I feel my stamp was a waste of money as it doesn’t do steel very well (or at all on the harder stuff).

  4. Is that Roubo that the planes are obscuring? I see the olde French has the same habit as the olde English of ufing “f” in place of “s”, but only fometimef.

    • JA Dobson says:

      It isn’t actually an ‘f’ but something called a medial ‘s’ and apart from the shape has no relation to the letter ‘f’. It was a left over Latin letter that was normally used at the beginning or middle of a word but very rarely at the end (making it ſometimes). The German ‘ß’ fulfills a similar function.

  5. burbidge says:

    Well, I missed that! Some people got an early Christmas present.
    What were the prices for those who didn’t buy tools today?


  6. Rick Lapp says:

    Fortunately, excepting the LN anniversary plane, the rest are still available to mere mortals. Rick

  7. Mikey says:

    Dang! The one day I didn’t refresh the page like four thousand times! Those hammers were sweet!

  8. Bob says:

    Not that it matters now, but why the hate for shipping to Canada??? Easy as pie and we’re pretty nice peeps tpo deal with usually!

    • lostartpress says:

      We used to ship to Canada, but we lost money. If the receivers were hit up for customs fees, they’d decline the shipment and we’d never see it again.

      Then they would re-order and try again.

      • Bob says:

        Really??? Send me their addresses and we will remedy that for you! lol! There are ways around that. For instance, with UPS you can prepay all the brokerage and duties for the shipment and just charge the entire cost up front at time of order… I ship stuff to and from the US on a regular basis and I have never had this happen. The fact someone would do that tou you stinks!

        Would it help if I could say I could probably get Rob Lee to vouch for me? LOL!

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