Win My Souped-up &%$#%^&* Handplane — a Haiku contest

When I first dove into handwork, I could barely afford diapers, wipes and formula – never mind a nice Bed Rock or infill handplane (this was before we had premium bench planes).

So I bought all my planes at antique markets and fixed them up using techniques I had to invent for myself – many of them too silly to even mention here.

The point? I had to fix up (and mess up) a lot of planes before I could get my tools to plane anything and everything I put under them. I wasted a crapload of time doing stuff the wrong way. Eventually, however, I perfected my methods after I talked to machinists, fellow woodworkers and abrasive manufacturers to figure out how to do it correctly.

So I know how to tune old planes, not to mention the unmentionable junk from Groz, Anant et al. And earlier this year I put it all down in a DVD called “Super-tune a Handplane” that was produced by Popular Woodworking Magazine.

In this DVD I take an off-the-rack old Stanley plane and tune it to the highest level possible using home-center materials and basic skills. You don’t need to learn to scrape a sole like a machinist. You don’t need special dyes or tools – just stuff you can find at any hardware store.

In the DVD, I cover the following topics:

• How to purchase a vintage plane, including how to identify a solid candidate for restoration using a simple flow chart.

• How to disassemble, clean and de-rust all the parts using completely harmless materials you can find in the canning section of your supermarket.

• How to flatten all the critical surfaces, including the sole, the frog, the back of the iron and the sidewalls of the plane. You’ll need only some belt-sander paper, a floor tile and a block of wood to get results.

• How to decide if you need to upgrade to an aftermarket iron and chipbreaker.

• How to reassemble the plane, lubricate the key components and tune up the tool to take a fine shaving.

• Plus a lot of information on troubleshooting a tool that won’t take a good shaving – information you don’t see very often out there.

• And tricks and tips on planing boards that allow the tool to really do its job.

The plane I tuned for the DVD is a Stanley Type 11, which was made during the early years of the 20th century. This particular tool had good bones but needed a full restoration. At the end of the video, I can easily plane a row mahogany board with crazy interlocked and reversing grain — without tearout.

Tonight I took that same plane downstairs to my shop and put it back to work. It is indeed a super worker. And it took only a few hours of my time to bring it up to this level.

To demonstrate my confidence in the tool, I’m going to give it away to one of our readers in a little haiku contest. To win the plane, all you have to do is write the best woodworking haiku ever and post it in the comments section of this entry. Be sure to include your e-mail and real name – we cannot send you your plane if we cannot contact you. Deadline for entries is noon EST, Nov. 22, 2012.

Note that you will receive the plane with the tool’s original iron and chipbreaker. I use my Veritas breaker and iron (shown in the photo above) in my No. 5, which I also tuned to this level, by the way.

Oh, and if you want the DVD, it is being sold by Popular Woodworking Magazine at its site. You can pre-order the DVD for $24.99. Lost Art Press will not be selling the DVD, so ShopWoodworking is the best place to get it.

And one more detail, if you order through this link, I’ll get credit for the sale. No, I’m not an affiliate of the ShopWoodworking site or any other site. I don’t believe in affiliate logrolling. So I won’t get a percentage of the sale. But using this link will encourage them to do more DVDs like this one. Just saying.

In any case, fire up your haiku gene and win this plane. I’ll pay the shipping and feature the best haikus next weekend.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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210 Responses to Win My Souped-up &%$#%^&* Handplane — a Haiku contest

  1. Kevin Maloney says:

    I have already ordered mine yesterday!



  2. Michael says:

    I flatten’d the sole, remov’d all the rusty bits, and put you to work.

  3. brent says:

    japanese haiku
    is that what you want from me
    or american

  4. Clay Hammond says:

    Cold and damp winter
    I should be burning this wood
    but plane it instead

  5. brent says:

    and that is a question..not my haiku!

  6. Mike Terry says:

    I want her to see
    the smooth edge, but her hands are
    drawn to the shavings.

  7. Marilyn says:

    Ok, first off, I’ve been waiting for this dvd to come out and have already pre-ordered. I’m really lookin’ forward to it.

    Second, I hate to bring this up, but .. rules for the haiku? 17 syllables with three phrases in a 5, 7 and 5 word pattern? Etc, etc? Or will it just what’s the best one regardless of how its done? Rules, bah humbug!

  8. Mosa Kaleel says:

    grey sky touched tree cut
    swoosh shaping straighter old hand
    time shaves to unknown

  9. Arminius says:

    The part of Toolchest I skipped through was the one that implied that acquiring one of every size of Type 11 (except the silly #1) was not a noble act of dedication to craftsmanship – my favorite users.

  10. ajgodet says:

    plane, saw, join and glue
    the craft need not be for few
    make stuff, don’t buy crap

  11. Thomas Priest says:

    Starting with a tree
    Then converted into stock
    Passion sees it thru

  12. Dean says:

    Roy draws nigh to wood
    Grasping plane firmly in hand
    Wood is bleeding now

  13. Marilyn says:

    good old cheap bones
    fine plane with the greatest of ease
    handsome furniture

  14. Mary says:

    Curled, scented pine
    echoes music of peace joined
    rough hands work smooth dance.

  15. Marilyn says:

    woodworking and beer
    makes for a fine good life
    old guys did it best

  16. the wood the tool
    the plan for a fool
    and now they drool

  17. Daniel Hartmann says:

    Grind, hone, polish burr.
    Assemble, thrust. wood is cut.
    Curly fractions fall.

  18. Chris says:

    For Mr. Brown:

    a lit candle clock
    winter shadow on green elm
    integrity’s seat

  19. Daniel Hartmann says:

    Grind, hone, polish steel.
    Assemble, thrust. wood is cut.
    Curly fractions fall.

  20. billlattpa says:

    I ordered the vid
    My plane sits on my workbench
    It better not suck

    Bill Lattanzio

  21. Mary says:

    For woodwork and you
    our Lost Arts stays true to what
    Diderot did do.

  22. Sam says:

    Worn Hands, on smooth wood
    Makes fine spills.

  23. Bob Blakeborough says:

    Dust slivers knicks blood
    Stress gives way to joy and pride
    Work will outlive me

  24. Sam Brewster says:

    Brand new shiny toy!
    Plans for projects fill my mind.
    “How much??!!” Asks my wife.

  25. Steve Ogborn says:

    A fallen tree
    meets a skilled artisan
    they both live forever

  26. Steve Erwin says:

    Tree and Man are one
    With hand and tool each transform
    Craft shows soul in both

  27. ben says:

    The iron hath performed
    its duty: beauty. But alas!
    Have I no more clamps?

    a vision fulfilled
    in wood, but still I wonder-
    why am I bleeding?

  28. David T says:

    Tree fallen in Spring
    Straight round trunk sawn, split and shaved
    now chair has become

  29. Terry Hennessy says:

    An old rusty tool
    Hard to call it a jewel
    But then there is Chris

    • tman02 says:

      Saw no way to edit my earlier post so I am adding a couple more haikus through a reply post:

      Once new rusted now
      Sat alone without skilled hands
      Ah rejoice, renewed

      Of horseshoes and hogs
      Old rusty worn frogs
      Nudge, nudge, wink, wink eh!

  30. jborgschulte says:

    Flesh taken by edge
    Teeth chew the heart, the trunk halved
    The tree born anew

  31. Trevor Angell says:

    Lines on steel and wood
    Leather hands and sharpened mind
    Destruction made new

  32. Adam Mattern says:

    One last shaving.
    A tight fit? No, I see gaps!
    Damn gauge slipped again.

  33. John Callaway says:

    Old plane cannot be
    With out a little tuning
    I want what you offer

  34. Mark Poulsen says:

    blood courses
    muscles flex
    thin curls float slowly to the floor

  35. Patrick says:

    Forgotten old tool from Lebkin’s store
    Fixed like new
    Win me with Haiku

    • Patrick says:

      Correction (spelled Ed’s name wrong)

      Forgotten old tool from Lebetkin’s
      Fixed like new
      Win me with Haiku

      • Patrick says:

        Dangit! it technically isn’t a Haiku until I do this:

        Forgotten old tool
        From Lebetkin’s fixed like new
        Win me with Haiku

  36. woodgeek says:

    Shape, in my minds eye
    Wood, tools, shavings in my hands
    Vision become real

  37. JA Dobson says:

    Shavings slip down to
    a floor for a man who would
    build as as dad could

    JA Dobson

  38. obscured by the rust
    old iron hides addictive shine
    sand at your own risk


    iron age imprisoned
    sanding abrades its wrinkles
    frees it from the grain

  39. Greg Suing says:

    There’s only one take
    A tenon saw goes off course
    Roy Underhill bleeds

  40. Ross Henton says:

    My wife calls my name
    Stanley is calling louder
    No dinner for me.

  41. Dan Miller says:

    The plane makes a whoosh
    the shavings are transparent
    my lips form a smile

    I see the clean edge
    I make it soft and rounded
    my heart glows with pride

    oft the beauty shows
    at times the frustrations peaks
    in balance lies joy

  42. Mikey Hayes says:

    This is not the greatest haiku in the world…no…this is just a tribute…couldn’t remember the greatest haiku in the world…so this is just a tribute.

    raking daylight falls
    across a piece of poplar
    that smells like used books

  43. Travis Beck says:

    A rough chunk of tree
    Your grandfather’s rusty tools
    What else do you need?

    • Travis Beck says:

      I thought of something else that you need:

      A rough chunk of tree
      Your grandfather’s rusty tools
      And some elbow grease

  44. Daniel Hartmann says:

    Grind, hone, polish steel.
    Assemble, thrust. wood is cut.
    Curly fractions fall.

  45. Lane Martin says:

    Plane needs lubricant
    But sheep tremble nervously
    Mutton or non…hmmmmm

  46. Dave Jeske says:

    Smell of fresh planed wood
    Hear blade shear exact and clear
    Feel the silken path

  47. Craig says:

    a Lie-Nielsen is not
    in my near future

  48. Brian Morgan says:

    The warm sunbeam stirs
    Scents of sweet white oak shavings
    Iron and oil

  49. Craig says:

    Dear Mr. Schwarz, Can we enter twice?
    alot like tasty chips
    you can’t have just one haiku
    I scour Lost Art Press
    for router tips and shop jigs
    daily – no luck – where’s the sitemap?

  50. Victor says:

    dovetails won’t quite fit
    pare some more and risk gaps or
    get a bigger mallet

  51. Ron Underwood says:

    Roughness all abounds
    Wood planed tried and trued
    Reflections now seen

  52. Thomas Priest says:

    Learn Practice Perfect
    Transition to Anarchy
    Pass to the Children

  53. Marge Neuman says:

    Piles of wood in shop
    Ever changing build design
    When will it be done

  54. Dan D. says:

    There once was a man from Nantucket…

    Oh nevermind, I’m not a poet

    • Victor says:

      There once was a man from Nantucket
      who rived oak to build a staved rocket,
      but he found with annoyance
      that cooperage is no rocket science
      so he went and instead made a bucket.

      (tee hee!)

  55. ercan says:

    Plan plan revision
    The hand and soul rejoined
    Object to(o) fine lines

  56. R. Price says:

    Gossamer shavings
    Soul’s satisfaction

  57. Joel says:

    rusted off ebay
    with love and a quick tune up
    fragrant cedar curls

  58. steveschafer says:

    Curled shavings lie heaped.
    Odor of horse butt lingers.
    A new chair is made.

  59. Andy W. says:

    The plain wood I plane,
    Lifts me to a higher plane,
    Wood now not so plain.

  60. Robert Tatman says:

    Anarchy, Anarchy everywhere,
    no death to remain in,
    but the will to create prods
    tree and iron
    to rise from the abyss.

  61. Kristian Faulkenberry says:

    Curly maple plank,
    Tempest or tame due to
    Quality edge hone

  62. Daddy will you make…
    Yes, dear, but you will help me.
    Daddy I love you.

    Federico Mena Quintero (

  63. ssayott says:

    Of the wood
    Through the wood
    To the wood

  64. Wood is in my blood.
    Sketch, cut, join. Making it right.
    Thanks goes to the trees.

  65. yaakov says:

    I’m not good with Haiku, but last November, I did write this:
    “How do I love Lie-(Nielsen)? Let me tout the ways…”

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
    I love thee to the depth and breadth your tote’s height,
    Your sole can breach imperfections, when even out of sight
    From the ends of toe to heel, you have ideal grace.
    I love thee to the bevel of everyday’s
    Most required need, planning in sun and florescent-light,
    I love thee freely, as I strive to be a woodwright;
    I love thee purely, like my mutton tallow.
    I love thee with a passion for smoothing to use.
    In my old cap, and with my artisan’s faith.
    I love thee with a love like my nail set, I always seem to lose,
    Along with my lost cash, — I love thine heft,
    Frog, sole and blade, for all my life! — and, if I choose,
    My son shall but love thee better after my death.

    Blatantly stolen from “How do I love thee?” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (I hope she will forgive me.)

  66. Chris Treiberg says:

    A plane now for my
    son, have to wait a few years
    for the IPA


    served someone’s grandpa
    and I think it will serve my
    grandchild just as well*

    *this is sort of cheating, since my son is only 2 1/2, but he is craaazy about tools.

    • Thomas Priest says:

      Not that I think I will win but if I did I would definitely donate the plane to you, I was crazy about tools at that age and my fondest memories and a lot of who I am today started with the tools given to me by my dad. Not just the use of his but him giving me things to consider all mine. Taught me to respect quality at a young age, he always showed me with tools to get the best you can wether that be vintage or new, taught me to clean, to oil and to preserve and learning it at a young age makes it last a lifetime. Bravo to you for wanting to start him out right! A tuner plane will lead to so much even just normal life,relationships, work whatever, you polish it and take your time things can way better than the surface might show. Good luck to you and your child’s future endeavors.

  67. Sam Rogers says:

    Gossamer shavings.
    Less than a thou in thickness.
    Oh CRAP! One too many.

  68. Ernest Paxton says:

    Put Iron to Wood
    Cut and Hew, Shape and Rend
    Destroy to Create

  69. Kenneth N says:

    swoosh swoosh swoosh
    swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh
    swoosh swoosh aahhh

  70. Dust frosted iron
    Cold wood warms to calloused hands
    Edges spring with ease

  71. mikeneves says:

    To the shop I go
    To make something better than
    Sitting and wasting

  72. Chris says:

    Who is Stanley
    My computer keyboard knows
    An old passion is born

  73. Marilyn says:

    assembly consumption
    life is often melamine
    wood work gives worth
    Marilyn Guthrie

  74. mike siemsen says:

    While I was working
    The power went out today
    or so I was told

  75. Patrick says:

    Snick, the sound of work
    Fresh is the smell of cut wood
    Joy in Creating

  76. woodgeek says:

    gray matter, lignin
    hew, square, coax, join then caress
    soul, sinew, content

  77. JP Lee says:

    converse with the board
    Scribe Saw Chop Bore Pare Plane Scrape
    tell a new story

  78. woodgeek says:

    cleave, square, bleed and swear
    chunks of wood and bits of you
    tired flesh, content

  79. Travis says:

    Use Japanese form
    To win American plane
    What a worldly game

  80. russell bartmes says:

    Tools awake from sleep
    as wood becomes the witness
    substance drowns the dreams

  81. Jared says:

    Odd hours at the bench
    Some things are worth more than time
    When they transcend it

  82. Adam Weigand says:

    Sharp iron Fine set mouth
    For the show side I prepare
    Planning with the grain

  83. Jared says:

    Studied the grain close
    Looking from every angle
    Then made the cut–crap

  84. Christopher Lilly says:

    I have crafted much,
    Perfected little, but more
    And more, I have learned.

  85. TJ says:

    forgotten in time
    I hold her like men before
    her sole cries, “Save me!”

  86. Scribe says:

    Grain to iron relents
    and conceives a dream in theft,
    growing to find home.

  87. Jack oh cross grain Jack
    Wish to make a thin shaving
    Cursed to only traverse.

    Derek Olson

  88. Kristian Faulkenberry says:

    Push or pull thought school
    Japanese or western planes
    Graceful curl arise


    Plane in air or hand
    Beautifully made machine
    Functional artwork

  89. Bruce Mack says:

    Shavings on my bench
    Catch the light and still my mind
    Winter stops to look

  90. Andy Towt says:

    Once a Tree,
    Through Planning, Skill and Tenacity,
    Living Again, a Keepsake

  91. Mo Gambill says:

    Timber meets metal
    Crafting, shaping carefully
    A tree is reborn

  92. A very old plane
    It was in need of some love
    Now a sex machine

  93. Robert Tatman says:

    Lost to unending time,
    an art of creation keeps
    warm the press of endearing fame.

  94. woodgeek says:

    i, With Wakened Hands
    mull The Soul of a Tree, and
    Put my Arse Into

  95. John Scott says:

    Wood is neatly prepped
    Shavings begin to pile high
    Kitty? Kitty? Hmmmmmm.

  96. Joseph Casbarian says:

    Infinity’s edge
    Effortless glides, shallow dives
    Through turbulent grain

  97. James says:

    What we call handmade
    The afterlife of a tree
    Pleasure in reuse

  98. Thomas Priest says:

    First Necessity
    Second Creativity
    Third Monetary

  99. ben says:

    I borrowed the bones
    of a tree, to craft a song
    melodious, strong.

  100. John Scott says:

    Fine, sharpened tools. Ouch!
    Another beautiful piece
    signed with DNA

  101. Al Flinck says:

    Shoosh as fibers part
    seasoned board shaped fare and fine
    fire light off-cut curls
    Al Flinck

  102. Steve Nickles says:

    Planes near perfection
    Black dog brown eyes wondering
    wood shearing surface clear

  103. David Smith says:

    No it’s not a bird
    And it’s much more then a plane
    It’s Super Schwarz

  104. Bill Reemsnyder says:

    I am the gear head
    Not sure how to craft fine words
    A plane I do need

  105. Dakota Burgener says:

    ” the tree has wood
    the woodworker has a vision,
    a sharpen of the blade
    he uses steel with precision,
    to chop,saw,chisel and glue,
    a vision brought to reality
    when the day is through”
    – Dakota Burgener

  106. Brian Eve says:

    Tear-out with the grain,
    Push it harder and harder,
    Sharp fixes it all!

  107. Brian Eve says:

    I sliced my finger,
    Where the hell are my Band Aids?
    Damn, that chisel’s sharp

  108. Todd A. Forman says:

    A need forms a plan
    Grampa’s plane, old wood, my time
    Forms emerge, craft grows

  109. Marilyn says:

    With Warren, Roubo
    And with our own time and hands
    Want less, create more
    Marilyn Guthrie

  110. Travis Beck says:

    Working at my bench
    I stop and stare into space
    For 20 minutes

  111. SteveR says:

    Wood,metal melding,
    An Artisan’s love transforms,
    Each soul twice reborn

  112. mike siemsen says:

    Curly, Moe and Larry
    Three great craftsmen in my shop
    all making stuff together

  113. Truly, this is not
    the joy I envisioned –
    Tear-out. Sailors cringe.

  114. mikeagnew says:

    Hidden in my shop
    Lest my wife should discover
    Another “new” hand plane.

  115. mikeagnew says:

    Electrons be damned
    Work powered by cheese and ham
    Waiting in my chest

  116. mikeagnew says:

    Promise in metal
    Possibilities in wood
    Love through sweat and time

  117. mikeagnew says:

    MIstress seductive
    Whispers, “Come and play with me.”
    Cubicle life sucks.

  118. Correction:

    Truly, this is not
    the joy I envisioned –
    tear-out. Sailors blush.

  119. John J Kacerosky says:

    Woodworking is Bliss
    Bliss is life’s cure all
    Live well working wood

  120. Karl Rookey says:

    A moment of peace
    Then a sigh of rasping teeth
    The first cut is made

  121. Rose Ftaya says:

    heart trunk limb entwine
    riven/ joined we fettled life
    sliced across the grain

  122. Peter Travis says:

    Aquire skills to build
    Transcend wood and simple tool
    Maybe even me

  123. Justin Koehn says:

    stewards of stands
    fell, plane, learn to see
    walk in truth

  124. Randy Ewart says:

    beauty and function
    hidden until the master
    woodwright’s skillful touch

  125. Rose Ftaya says:

    Beech tree shades my bench
    mother of hollows and rounds
    blood red shavings fly

  126. Douglas Ossenfort says:

    Haikus are for Hip-
    peas taste delicious in soup-
    crackers can’t haiku

  127. Eric Eckman says:

    Used to have money,
    Then I discovered the Schwarz.
    Lots of tools. No cash.

  128. Ron Underwood says:

    Japanese poetic verse?
    I know not what?
    Who is Chris Schwarz?

  129. Mike says:

    Any chance this will be available for digital download from amazon or itunes? I’d like it, but I’m trying to divest myself of dvds.

  130. Aaron Sparrow says:

    Plan, mark, scratch and saw.
    Cutting, carving, scraping wood
    Inlay, shellac, done

  131. Patrick says:

    Power tools or Hand
    A much divided subject
    The wood does not care

  132. Orion says:

    scrap burns in the hearth
    odds and ends combine as light
    shame. they were almost chairs

  133. Brian LeFebvre says:

    Iron and wood and flesh
    When in harmony, produce
    Form, function, feeling.

  134. Wilbur Pan says:

    Here’s my entry, from a Japanese tool user.

    I’m very confused
    This number 4 works great but
    It goes the wrong way.

  135. Jonathan Kendall says:

    I prepare my blade
    Old or new is not the point
    What’s time to a tree?

  136. Matthew Smith says:

    stand of oak, timber
    hand wrought, with steel and love, my
    kitchen table, home

  137. Steve Quehl says:

    Curly maple fails
    In glory! Hand planes harvest
    exultant shimmer.

  138. Joel Silverman says:

    A flat soul
    The plane truth
    The beauty missed

  139. Joël says:

    I suck at planing
    But a new plane would fix that
    I sure hope I win.

  140. J Silver says:

    Plunck your magic twainger froggy
    Andy and his gang yelled
    Let the chips fall where they may

  141. John Elliott says:

    The plane I see, is it a three?
    We know it be but eleven,
    But tuned — heaven!

    • John Elliott says:

      しかしチューン – 天国!

  142. ROB SPREADBURY says:

    Cutting or sawing or planing
    We could not hear the sound
    Until the dovetail sang it out

  143. robsp says:

    We worked the trees
    Until furniture appeared
    As if hidden inside

  144. robsp says:

    Cutting or sawing or planing
    We could not hear the sound
    Then the dovetail sang it out

  145. Joe Olivas says:

    Cutting straight and true
    Is the least of my worries
    For I have no pants

  146. Ken P. says:

    I like to work wood
    I do it like Chris and Roy
    Its all done by hand

  147. Dave Bennett says:

    8, 7, 6, 5, 4
    What could I ever want more?
    Schwarz’s Number 4.

  148. Sawplate sharp and set
    Teeth cut swiftly through the pine
    Blast! Its still too short!

  149. Ian Ferguson says:

    move frantically,

    glue spreads slowly, dries quickly

    tighten clamps. all’s well.

    My haiku describing the assembly and glue up process.

  150. In shavings and dust,
    finding the old ways again.
    Later, beer awaits.

  151. At six in the morn’
    White beards wait in Tim Horton’s
    To pillage tool show

  152. Brandon Avakian says:

    My heart is in wood
    I am a young woodworker
    Who vows to be good

  153. James McCoy says:

    Hi Chris,
    Here are the top five I could come up with. I hope you like them.

    Wood and iron meet.
    Mind and feet revel in a
    carpet of shavings.

    Extensions of hands.
    Extensions of mind and soul.
    Tools shaping ideas.

    Tools rusting away.
    Wonderful tales fade with time.
    New owner. New life.

    Fear not mighty tree,
    your usefulness and beauty
    will far outlast me.

    Father to daughter,
    grandfather to grandchildren.
    Lifetimes spanned by tools.

    Jim McCoy

    • James McCoy says:

      Oops! That last one was supposed to be

      Father to children,
      grandfather to grandchildren.
      Lifetimes spanned by tools.

  154. Patrick says:

    One more:

    Stack of wooden planks
    What projects await within?
    The shop calls to me

  155. Johannes Hantschick says:

    Des Hobels Gesang
    auf Holz: hypnotisierend.
    Schon Feierabend?

  156. Bill says:

    Tortoise beetle poops
    slowly on ikea chair
    smiles delightfully.

  157. Ron Harper says:

    I love all my planes
    I have a good number four
    One is not enough

  158. Jared says:

    Sleeves rolled on forearms
    The sweetness of work hanging
    In the window light

  159. Tree resting in snow
    be it table chair or bench
    strike a lasting mark

    Robert Carriou (

  160. kv41 says:

    Grey sky – smoke rising
    Inside workshop – stove glows red
    Woman saws tenons

  161. Chuck Walker says:

    Long ago I was
    In a working man’s rough hand
    Now wait new master

  162. Jack Danilchak says:

    Dragons on temples,
    born of chisel, saw and gouge
    hobbled by tenons.

  163. Christopher Wisehart says:

    Groz planes suck smelly poo
    To make wispy wood shavings
    Buy quality tools

    Used to breathe sawdust
    Learned the old ways by hand
    Quiet peaceful work

  164. nickblystra says:

    bring down the pillar
    the wedge bears the years to tell
    adding shape to time

    Nick Blystra

  165. Andrew Beelen says:

    Stately tree waiting
    Fell, saw, plane, pare, join, finish
    Fine heirloom remains

    Andrew Beelen (

  166. Ken McIntire says:

    Winter silence broke
    Steel on wood satisfying
    Smoothed, silence returns

  167. Tom Wilson says:

    Elusive beauty
    Steel and passion at life’s end
    True glory revealed

  168. Peter Ganev says:

    Thoughts are shaped in wood.
    From the dust wonders emerge –
    The work of two hands.

    (pganev at gmail dot com)

  169. Peter Ganev says:

    Smell of timber. Roar.
    In the hands of a master
    Dead trees live again.

    (pganev at gmail dot com)

  170. Peter Ganev says:

    Woodworking is our
    way to immortalize trees.
    The power we have.

    (pganev at gmail dot com)

  171. Boyd Bibey says:

    Grain be a swirlin’
    I could use a good Pearl and,
    Perhaps I should TRY

  172. Rose Ftaya says:

    fear? dare to cut. learn
    to see. luna moth lives a
    day’s eternity

  173. Ted Beyer says:

    Textured, wild face
    Billowing shavings disperse
    Abruptly plane, fine


    Brief term tool stewart
    Years journey to make worthy
    Artisan ghosts guide


    I am an engineer. Not a poet. Want that plane! My wife/kid’s wouldn’t believe I made these attempts..

    At WIA, cut my hand on cutting gauge. Blood everywhere.. Stop it now! Quick clean it up. “If it was Christopher Schwarz’s blood it would be ok…”

  174. Phil Smiley says:

    Craft, old ways found new
    New teachers, new students come
    Skill, beauty reborn

  175. Even as the leaves
    of Autumn fall, I forget
    The grain runs both ways

  176. sennelier76 says:

    Even as the leaves
    of Autumn fall, I forget
    The grain runs both ways

    Robert A. Fiedler

  177. John Griffin-Wiesner says:

    Oak cherry and pine
    Plan joint plane join and finish
    Enjoy then hand down

  178. Patrick says:

    A challenge from Chris
    To write the perfect Haiku
    Fun, but difficult to judge

    (I’m stuck in 5 7 5 mode We watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail last night and my brain “is a very silly place” right now. Thanks for the entertainment)

    • Patrick says:

      Sorry, should have been:

      A challenge from Chris
      To write the perfect haiku
      Fun, but hard to judge

      (My brain hurts.)

  179. Bud Decker says:

    Measure twice, cut thrice
    I say stop being perfect
    Never be complete

  180. Bob Strawn says:

    The south wind blew dust
    off a project once put off.
    cold dew shrunk my rule.

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