New: Leather-bound ‘Mouldings in Practice’

We now have 30 copies of “Mouldings in Practice” available for sale in the Lost Art Press store. The books are hand-bound in brown calfskin by the artisans at Ohio Book Store in downtown Cincinnati. The cost is $185 postage-paid to anywhere in the United States.

As with all of our leather-bound books, these feature a rounded spine and hand-colored end sheets. The brown calfskin cover the boards has been gently aged, which gives the books a slightly broken-in look. The spine on this edition also has a classy detail debossed into the leather.

These books are available to ship immediately. Click here to go to our store.

The book turns a set of complicated mouldings into a series of predictable rabbets and chamfers that guide your hollow and round planes to make anything – anything – that has been made in the past or that you can envision for your future projects.

During the last several months, we had many proofreaders edit this book and the universal reaction was much like this:

“Well crap. Now I want to buy some of these stupid planes.”

During the past 14 months, Matt and I have been working to make “Mouldings in Practice” into a book that is accessible for even the beginning hand-tool woodworker. It uses more than 200 color illustrations and dozens of photos to explain how to lay out, prepare for and cut any moulding you can draw.

The first half of the book is focused on how to make the tools function, including the tools that help the hollow and round planes – such as the plow and the rabbet. Matt also covers snipes bills and side rounds so you know their role in making mouldings. Once you understand how rabbets and chamfers guide the rounds and chamfers, Matt shows you how to execute the mouldings for eight very sweet Connecticut River Valley period projects using photos and step-by-step illustrations and instruction.

— Christopher Schwarz

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9 Responses to New: Leather-bound ‘Mouldings in Practice’

  1. gemorris says:

    Nice to see at least one bindery has a working Linotype in 2012.

    • Those look like Ludow slugs to me. But in any case, hot-metal always warms my heart.

      • gemorris says:

        Upon second look, you are correct. That should have been my first guess as Ludlow has always been the preferred hot metal type machine for binders. This is what I get for using photopolymer all of the time.

  2. Jerry Olson says:

    I have a sense that many ordering the Rubio book(s) will want them bound in leather. Given that would it be possible for you to solicit preorders for the leather bound addition? Thus avoiding the first come first serve scenario and, probably increasing sales.

    • lostartpress says:


      I promise you that as soon as we have enough information to offer pre-publication orders on the Roubo volumes we will.

      As it is, we are still neck-deep in editing.

      • Thomas Priest says:

        Preorders for deluxe Roubo’s is an excellent idea but I’m glad you guys are being so thorough editing the masterpiece!

  3. Devon says:

    / Mr. Burns hand rub activate

    I confess, I waited on the leather. By waiting on leather I can purchase only one copy of each new Lost Art Press title. I propose to make up for the lost revenue through aggressive book recommendations. Thus, I have a counter to the nice old lady sharing grandchild pictures on the plane to St. Louis (or the bus to Chicago). “Have a look at this new book on hand tool practice….”

  4. bawrytr says:

    Really stunning, beautiful books.

  5. billlattpa says:

    Very nice looking books. I’m not sure if you were planning on offering all of your books leather bound but it would be a nice looking set to have on a bookshelf.

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