Update: Leather Books, Roubo, Audiobook & etc.

Next week we will be able to sell the leather editions of “Mouldings in Practice” in our Lost Art Press store. There will be 26 to 30 copies available (depending on how many survive the binding process) and they will be $185 postage paid to any address in the United States.

The books were delayed by the leather supplier – Ohio Book said it took three weeks to secure the brown leather we use for these books. I suspect a bovine rebellion was the real cause.

So for those of you who have itchy mouse fingers, you can relax this weekend. Monday will be the earliest they will be available. As always, it is first-come, first-serve on leather editions.

So while I’m explaining myself, here is a quick update on some other projects we are working on:

“To Make as Perfectly as Possible” aka, the Andre Roubo translation. This book is entirely in my hands right now. The translators have done their job. We have paid an obscene amount of money to get every single plate digitized. The essays are complete. I’m the problem.

“By Hand & Eye” by George Walker and Jim Tolpin. This has been edited and flowed into the InDesign layout files. All the images are digitized. I’ve edited it once. But once again, I am the impediment here. I need to get the design work underway.

Audiobook of “The Joiner & Cabinet Maker” as read by Roy Underhill. This is fully recorded and about 25 percent edited. What’s the holdup? It might surprise you that it is me.

Other books that are a little further out:

“Virtuoso” or the H.O. Studley book: Our team is going back to visit the tool chest again next month to take the final photographs. Then the real work begins.

“Furniture of Necessity:” This is my own book. I’ve shelved all my writing projects until I get caught up on editing the titles above.

“Campaign Furniture:” Ditto.

All our other titles are still being written by their authors – except one. That one is being designed right now in hopes of getting it out by the end of the year. More on that title as we get things firmed up.

— Christopher Schwarz

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18 Responses to Update: Leather Books, Roubo, Audiobook & etc.

  1. Grumpy Badger says:

    All of these projects sound great. (And the copy of Pepere’s Workshop that showed up in the mail yesterday, also great!) But the one I’m looking forward to most is the Furniture of Necessity. So get a move on, eh? It doesn’t sound like you’re busy or anything….

  2. Bill Clift says:

    Hey Chris – At one time the Roubo translation was maybe going to be out by Christmas. I notice you did not reference timing in your status. What is the current outlook? Also, are you planning a larger leather edition for this book? This one is special and I think interest will be high!!


    • lostartpress says:


      There will be two editions of each Roubo book. One will be crazy oversized, opulent and expensive. The other will be like a normal LAP book – accessible.

      Anytime I state a date, I blow it. So I’m not. It’s done when it’s done, I’m afraid.

  3. Brian Zirkle says:

    I hope the one closest to completion is Andrew Lunn’s book on saws. If you hadn’t been spending your time teaching me how to build a tool chest you might be further along on all these but me and everyone else at Roy’s are sure glad you took the time to teach.

  4. I saw Wesley Tanner at the local SAPFM meeting last weekend. He said the Roubo plates turned out well. I’m looking forward to having a copy of my own to sit down and spend some time with.

  5. My bookshelf runneth over already. Time to make more bookshelves.

  6. Jamie Bacon says:

    I’m also most excited about Furniture of Necessity and the Andrew Lunn book. Would love to be able to afford the “Crazy oversized, opulent and expensive version of the Roubo translation but I fear I should have started saving for that months ago.

  7. Jamie Bacon says:

    Would also like to see you wrangle Adam Cherubini into the Lost Art stable for a book. I really enjoy his style.

  8. Eric Campbell says:

    Get cracking. Boy. Time’s a’wastin’.

  9. Alan Ouellette says:

    Thank you for your work on these efforts. I can say I am patiently foaming at the mouth. As a publisher that should make you smile. This is a young and extremely productive company. Great job Chris and everyone at Lost Art..especially that John guy who emails me about my purchases.

  10. Jonas Jensen says:

    Am I the only one that is longing for the Studley book and the campaign furniture book?
    I agree with Jamie Bacon, Adam Cherubini would be a good choice.

    Anyway, Chris. Please don’t stress and remember to have a good time with your family. Othervise those books won’t be worth it.
    Brgds Jonas

  11. Graham Burbank says:

    So I sat down with my boys last night (Archer,6 and Forest,3 respectively) and read aloud “Grandpa’s Workshop”. We discussed every tool, and what it is used for, and how to take care of them. “Daddy, can we build a toolchest this weekend? I want to build one of my own”. I think your work is done here. If you need a “donation” towards future projects (roubo, studley, et all) Consider it done. We’ll just call it a really premature pre-order.

    • Graham Burbank says:

      hey, and while you are saying your mea culpas,, perhaps megan needs a side job? Editing while you are off teaching outta da hatchback? (dat,s what dey says in chi-town. Buncha half-wits…)

      • lostartpress says:

        Megan already does a lot of work me. As does Linda Watts, my former designer. And other editors and designers.

        The problem is that I am the very narrow part of the colon where everything has to pass.

    • lostartpress says:


      Besaguies for everyone!

  12. Ryan says:

    I’m sure they will all turn out just great. Perfection shouldn’t be rushed. Don’t forget that your never to busy to stop and enjoy a big mug of your favorite brew.

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