Update on ‘Grandpa’s Workshop’

Our shipment of “Grandpa’s Workshop” arrived late yesterday and – thanks to some help from friends – we got the first 400 packed up before bedtime.

The printing quality of the book is top shelf – it was worth the delays and headaches. I think you will be pleased by both the story and the physical object itself.

If you ordered the book from Lost Art Press, your book (or books) will be in the mail today or tomorrow. If you are waiting for it to arrive at one of our retailers – Lee Valley Tools, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Highland Hardware, Tools for Working Wood or Classic Handtools in the U.K. – their books are on the way.

After publishing four new titles in 16 months, I have decided what I want for Christmas: a loading dock. But that’s not gonna happen.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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11 Responses to Update on ‘Grandpa’s Workshop’

  1. Dave Bennett says:

    From what I’ve heard and read, you are quite capable of building a “loading dock”. ☺


  2. Dennis Heyza says:

    Great news – can’t wait for my copy to arrive. But I was wondering… did you pay for all those boxes or get them for free from some tool company? ;^)


  3. tropicalww says:

    What would it cost to have mine shipped in a genuine Jointer and Cabinet Maker shipping box?


    • Steve says:

      If you build it and send it Chris he might be kind enough to ship the book back to you in your box. Don’t forget to include extra shipping and handling fees along with your order ;-))


  4. Kevin Wilkinson says:

    A conveyor belt.


  5. Kevin Wilkinson says:

    If not a conveyor belt a long roller table.


  6. Bob Armstrong says:

    Forget the “loading dock” ask for 40 elves……………..


  7. jonathanszczepanski says:

    Got the email. Woohoo!!!


  8. 1petunia2b says:

    That was quick! I received my copies of Grandpa’s Workshop in the mail this AM. Nice book!
    I have a copy of the book in the French version and have to say that the LA Press version is as nice in all respects and given the heavier end-papers – even nicer. Great job to Chris and all his workshop elves.


  9. Atari81 says:

    Looks like my house after an LP ebay spree.


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