‘The Art of Joinery’ & Beer. And Bourbon.

Here’s a known fact about Christopher Schwarz: he enjoys beer. And here’s a little-known fact about me: I do not enjoy beer. (But I do love bourbon.)

With the 2012 Woodworking in America Midwest conference coming up in about two weeks, I suspect there might be a bar bill or three to cover. I suspect it will exceed my credit card limit. So, on eBay, I’ve up for auction two of the three copies of the long-sold-out 2008 hardcover “The Art of Joinery” I have in my woodworking library. (I’m hanging on to the last one … until I need money for a kidney transplant.) There is no reserve, and the starting bid on each is 99 cents.

Both of these books are signed by Christopher, and on one copy, Chris drew in a mustache on the frontispiece portrait of Joseph Moxon. I do not know why. There was probably beer involved.

All proceeds will be used to cover libations at Woodworking in America (and one bottle of ibuprofen). So if you win, you can be proud that your money is going to an excellent cause (Pappy van Winkle 15-year, and IPA).

Click here for the mustachioed Moxon auction. For the non-graffito version, click here.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. The image uploader at eBay is screwy at the moment; I’m told the auction pictures should show up within a couple hours.

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Woodworker, writer, editor, teacher, ailurophile, Shakespearean. Will write for air-dried walnut.
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21 Responses to ‘The Art of Joinery’ & Beer. And Bourbon.

  1. coralhound says:

    I am in and happy to contribute to the bar funds!

  2. Michael Stone says:

    Or, you can keep your stuff and a fellow bourbon lover could buy you a round.

    • fitzpatm says:

      Well yes…but I don’t really need three copies, and now someone else will be able to enjoy the books. And it will make room on that full shelf for “Grandpa’s Workshop.”

  3. Thomas Priest says:

    Ok which one of you is already trying to outbid me!? I think you guys should be able to have a great night if the bidding keeps going at this pace!

  4. Thomas Priest says:

    100.00 bid lasted almost 10 minutes!

  5. Robert Justiana says:

    At this bidding rate, after 5 days you’ll have enough for a case (or two) of Pappy van Winkle. 🙂

  6. Kale says:

    How about a reprint. I doubt Moxon would mind. For that matter, I doubt one would truly enjoy the book at the final price these copies would command.

  7. With the sale of these books and the intent for which the profit goes I do hope there would be a good tip for the bar tender and a large bottle of aspirin for the morning after! As for Moxon, I keep thinking of his ear wax trick on his apprentices.

  8. Patrick says:

    With 4d 19h left we have $181 and $169 for mustachioed an non. At this rate you are going to need a whole lot more than one bottle of ibuprofen.

  9. Kevin Wilkinson says:

    Your email arived while I was in bed for my nightly pre-work nap so I couldn’t get in an early bid at a level I can afford. Have fun with the proceeds.

    How about posting a photo of the desecrated picture of Moxon?

  10. James Gee says:

    I second that call for a reprint. I’d dearly love a copy of this book, but since I live outside the United States the auction is not open to me – even if I could afford the price.

    • lostartpress says:

      We will do a reprint. I just need to revise a couple sections. Plus, I got such a rash of crap for making minor edits (removing the long “s” and breaking run-ons into shorter sentences for clarity), that we want to present the text both ways in the revised edition. Edited for clarity. Unedited for unassailability.

  11. Seriously, at these prices, I would think you would be re printing, quickly!!!!! There is obviously some pent up demand.

    I am really truly trying to build a library of all of your books, but even my “consumer” oriented pocketbook could never afford one of these.

    Please do re publsh. I would hate to be missing one of your books. I’m trying to do my part to be an avid supporter, but you’ve got to do your part!!!!


  12. tjhenrik says:

    I feel the need to add that this book originally retailed for $17 (according to the EAN symbol on my copy). The inflated prices are due to its first edition out of print status (and perhaps the first LAP published book, think Stanley #1 … in original box). It’s great text and I’m glad to hear a reprint will allow it to reach more hands. When I saw these prices soar a while back I almost sold my copy to pay for a chair making class. I couldn’t do it. Too sentimental I guess. Same reason I still have my original 1978 X Wing Fighter. And I haven’t pulled that out to fly in … I don’t know … days??

    • fitzpatm says:

      I love my X-wing fighter, and my Millenium Falcoln (though my brother thinks they’re his. He is wrong.)

  13. Chuck N says:

    Megan, there’s no way you’ll need to cover your own bar bill, and I say that as a happily married man.

  14. Ron Dennis says:

    My guess is that you can do without the cigar, but what is your preferred brand?

  15. John says:

    You certainly know your bourbons, congrats on your good taste! The Pappy distiller was interviewed in a recent issue of Garden & Gun along with a brief review of their products. Expensive stuff!

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