WIA Handout for the Sawbench Class

If you weren’t at my “60-minute Sawbench Class” yesterday at Woodworking in America, this download might not make total sense to you.

But as promised, below are the illustrated directions for cutting the compound angles on the legs of the sawbench. Plus there’s a tool list and a materials list for the sawbench I built during the class.


Two things I forgot to mention during the presentation:

1. Hammer the points of your nails to blunt them before driving them in. This will reduce the fir’s tendency to split.

2. If you have some woodworking machines handy, Take a few extra minutes to dress the dimensional stock to remove the ugly rounded corners. The sawbench will look much nicer.

— Christopher Schwarz

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11 Responses to WIA Handout for the Sawbench Class

  1. Paul B says:

    Wouldn’t have thought to gang the boards up through so much of the process. Thank you very much for this.

  2. Fred says:

    You’re right, crosscutting with a square doesn’t make total sense to me. I guess you had to be there.

  3. Arminius says:

    Interesting handout, much appreciated. I have been thinking about doing a set. Of all the variants, without worrying about time to build, which design would you say is your ‘do it once’ apex?

  4. tjhenrik says:

    So … how did it go? Less than 60?

  5. bobbollin says:

    Got it.
    You convinced me a few years ago to buy a set of Audel’s books. One of the things that I got them for was to learn the mysteries of a steel square.
    Now…duh…all I have to do is read it!
    Thanks for the pdf and the inspiration – in this and in so many other things.
    P.S. I built two of your sawbenches from your DVD. I like them a LOT!

  6. Ron Dennis says:

    No wit, just “Thanks!” I appreciate the information.

  7. Art says:

    Makes some sense to me. Thanks for the point on nails, never thought about that.

    If you have time, you need to goto Tops in Pasadena. No beer, but good food.

  8. joemcglynn says:

    Chris knocked one of these out in about 45 minutes including talking through the process. I think he said he had it down to about 30 minutes if he wasn’t talking.

  9. Kevin Costa says:

    so I take it that the angled legs negate the need to bevel the top?

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