The Crab Lock of Awesomeness



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4 Responses to lock_inside_IMG_3094

  1. Mike Dyer says:

    Hi Chris,
    The tail piece here looks like he intended for the lock itself to be set into a matching mortice. Yes?

  2. Mike Dyer says:

    OK, It must be an optical illusion.
    If I look at the fancy tail piece in this photo, it seems to be about 3/8″ out from the surface of the chest. That illusion, of course, will disappear when you add the final screw.

    • lostartpress says:

      Yup. The tail is out a a bit (not 3/8″, however). It’s caused by the rivets on the plate that attaches to the chest. Once I wacked the lock a couple times, th rivets dented the wood and the plate sat flush.

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