Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You

All of the pre-publication orders of “Mouldings in Practice” have been packaged and labeled – they will all be in the mail stream by lunchtime.

The photo above shows about one-third of what we boxed up on Monday. The other two-thirds are in the truck or already with the U.S. Postal System.

I think you’ll enjoy Matt Bickford’s book, which I can recite almost by heart by now. While the information is golden, we’re also happy with the printing and binding, which was done in Michigan.

Several readers have asked for details on where this book will be available for sale, plus the electronic edition and the leather-bound versions. So here’s a quick update.

1. Stockists: “Mouldings in Practice” will be carried by Lee Valley Tools, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and Tools for Working Wood in North America. In the United Kingdom, Axminster and Classic Hand Tools have agreed to carry it. Please note that whether or not a retailer carries a particular title is a decision made by the retailer – not us. If you would like your retailer to carry the book, let them know.

2. Digital Versions: We are converting “Mouldings in Practice” to both ePub and Kindle versions. I do not know when they will be ready, however. When they are ready, they will be available to international customers and will be DRM-free, of course.

3. Corinthian Leather: There will be a leather-bound version of the book for sale. I’m taking the unbound book blocks to the bindery today. Once we settle on the details we will put the book up for sale in the store. It will be first-come, first-serve. There is no waiting list or special VIP list or list of people who have bribed us with beer and saucy photos. But perhaps there should be. No, no. Scratch that. There is no list.

4. Signed Editions? These books are not signed by Matthew Sheldon Bickford. If you want one signed by him, I highly recommend you take one of his classes or catch up with him at one of the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events.

— Christopher Schwarz

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17 Responses to Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You

  1. thumphr says:

    Great News Chris! Any change Matt’s go to be WIA?

  2. That looks like it sucked. Bet your hands feel great after a day of folding cardboard and rapping tape. Hope the kids get into the action when packaging time comes around.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Do I spy a roman handplane on the PF Stool?

  4. Jerry says:

    Did you not envision a commercial location in a stately old building at one time?

  5. James Becwar says:

    Any word on when the epub version will be out?

  6. josh frey says:

    This doesn’t really apply to MIP, but my brother just got a hold of some 100 year old rough cut hemlock boards. What is you opinion on using that for a tool chest?
    thanks for the input,

    • lostartpress says:

      Hemlock can be heavy. Like fir or yellow pine. So it depends on your boards and if you ever need to move it.

      • josh frey says:

        Thank you for the response. I do not forsee it being moved very much at all. To site one of your earlier posts this chest will live a cushy life. I have never worked with hemlock and was hoping it works easy enough and is strong enough for a chest.

  7. abtuser says:

    I think I see mine in the pile.

  8. Ron Underwood says:

    It is true, they were mailed, I have one in my hand! I have been waiting with the same anticipation as a small child at Christmas. And on the first thumb through I am not at all disappointed. Several details snagged my attention and drew me in and immediately enlightened me. What more can there be.

  9. Ron Dennis says:

    Hot Diggity Dog! The blades are freshly sharpened and the weekend cometh!

  10. Eric Bennett says:

    Got mine 11:15 am 🙂

  11. Christopher Hawkins says:

    Congratulations and thanks to all involved in the creation of this book.

    Mine arrived today. I really like the physical aspects of it. The size is handy. The cover’s texture, color and design are pleasing. The paper is first rate. The interior color scheme is unusual and helpful. I never would have guessed that tan, aqua blue, brown and green would look good together? (Feel free to correct the names of the colors.) Who came up with this combination? The font sizes and styles make reading easy.

    I’m confident the content will be just as good.

  12. Bruce says:

    My book arrived today in the metro Atlanta area!

  13. Jeff Morton says:

    My copy arrived today. I’ve been thumbing through it. Looks like a comprehensive primer for moulding planes. A great read and highly informative! Thanks Matt, Chris, for a great publication.

  14. rwdawson says:

    My copy also arrived today. It has to qualify as one of the most complete and comprehensive books I’ve ever seen.

    I wonder, will Suzanne Ellison write a review? That’s all it needs.


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