I’d Like to Thank Matthew Sheldon Bickford…

…for writing a book that is shorter than “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.”

Matt’s book, “Mouldings in Practice,” arrived a few minutes ago. And there are 26 books in a case instead of 16 (like the tool chest book). That allowed me to get them all into the house before the rain soaked them.

Time to shut up and start packing.

— Christopher Schwarz

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17 Responses to I’d Like to Thank Matthew Sheldon Bickford…

  1. wesleytanner says:

    Looks great! I’ll take two!

  2. pvanderlugt says:

    Please, please, please pack mine first!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, I have a shelf of H&R’s and rabbets that need exercise.


  3. Ryan Bishop says:

    Is there any third parties selling this book? All of us up here in Canada can’t get shipping from LAP, is there any recourse left to us? Oh, and make sure to finish the packing before finishing the growler; gotta make sure those orders get where they need to!


    • lostartpress says:

      Lee Valley should have received its shipment today. Lie-Nielsen is carrying it, as is Tools for Working Wood, in the U.K., Axminster and Classic Hand Tools will stock it.

  4. Jerry says:

    are the pre-orders coming direct from the printer?

  5. Chris says:

    Have been in touch with Lee Valley in the past day via email. I doubt their email responders know what’s in the receiving dock just yet. Also, they do not have your DVDs in stock. They have instructed me to go through their Special Order process, which I was just about to do. Just going to call and see if I can talk to someone; they are very helpful on the phone…

    BTW, I’d prefer it if the LAP books were longer; I haven’t enjoyed reading this much in ages.

    • lostartpress says:


      Lee Valley Tools is a large – and very efficiently run – organization. Despite the company’s efficient way, not everyone can know everything all of the time.

      My DVDs are available through Lie-Nielsen in Canada. The moulding book will be available shortly through Lee Valley, if history is any guide.

      • Lee Valley is my favourite place to shop, and they always treat me right. They’ve promised that the notice of availability will go out as soon as the book has been entered into their inventory system (real soon now). Just over anxious :-).

  6. Mine was already sent on 8/11 , so I should get it like today or tomorrow. yeah me for pre-order

    • robert says:

      I got a notification of shipment on that date as well. I think they were just printing out shipping labels. Can’t ship until you have a product to ship.

  7. Chris, you have mentioned rain and arriving shipments several times. Any thoughts to installing an awning or other rain protection device?

  8. Megan says:

    Next time, can a partial shipment be delivered to Northside? We got nary a drop of rain.

  9. Ben Lowery says:

    Given the current drought, you might be able to start a secondary business selling rain to farmers. Just need to start writing more books.

  10. Brian Zirkle says:

    Something tells me Don Williams and the rest of team Roubo will not be getting a similiar thank you note in the future. Sounds like that will be 2 books to a case. I would pay to see the truck driver on that day.

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