Something on my Chest

For the last six months, an unfinished version of the Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest (download a free SketchUp drawing here) has been sitting in the corner of my shop – mocking me.

No more.

Today I dragged its sorry carcase to the bench and fixed its plinth, which has been bugging me since the day I glued it on. The bevel on the plinth was 1/2” x 1/2”, and it just looked wrong. Too abrupt. Too router bit-y.

So I changed the slope to a 5/8”-wide x 1”-tall bevel, and what a huge visual difference it made. So I cleaned up the rest of the plinth and am headed back to the shop to work on the upper skirt.

— Christopher Schwarz

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12 Responses to Something on my Chest

  1. Chris –
    That doesn’t look like pine. What wood is it?



  2. Ron Dennis says:

    I agree with the steeper bevel, plus it will shed dust better! You do have dust?


  3. David Pickett says:

    At this rate you’ll have one toolchest for each day of the week!


  4. djmueller says:

    I know this shows my lack of experience, but does smaller also mean easier, at least compared to the full-size chest?


    • Chuck N says:

      Based on the class I just took with Chris the joinery is the same, but you do have fewer dovetails to cut. The first two people in our class to finish cutting dovetails were making the smaller chest.


    • I wouldn’t say easier, just less time. The skills needed would be the same.


  5. Kevin Costa says:

    what kind of prep, I assume you will use milk paint, before painting. I have been dragging my feet on painting my full size poplar ATC.


  6. And I thought I took to long to get mine done. Of course I didn’t build a campaign chest, bookcase, and chairs in the mean time. Nor have I been writing 2 books and editing a bunch of others on top of being a dad. But still, there’s no excuse for your obvious laziness in getting this done.


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