New for Kindle and iPad: ‘The Joiner and Cabinet Maker’

You can now purchase “The Joiner and Cabinet Maker” – complete and unabridged – for your Kindle, iPad or any other reader that accepts ePub files.

The price is $16. You can purchase the Kindle edition here. The ePub version for iPad iPhone and other ePub reader is here.

Like all our electronic products, these are supplied without any form of Digital Rights Management – DRM for short. DRM restricts you from moving the file to other devices, or requires a password, or is just generally a nuisance.

We do not care for DRM. And I am pleased to say that pirating of our products has been minimal. So thank you for being ethical citizens.

“The Joiner and Cabinet Maker” was a complex book for us to convert into an electronic edition, thanks to the hundreds of illustrations and the copious footnotes. I am happy to report that the book is complete with all the footnotes – you access them by clicking on the superscript number in the text. You will then be taken to a section of the book containing all the notes. The function works quite well.

One last note: Several customers have asked if we will be offering package prices on the book, electronic book and the forthcoming audiobook version read by Roy Underhill. After much debate, we have decided to keep all these products separate and simply offer each at the best price possible. We think $16 is a fair price for a DRM-free book of this complexity.

— Christopher Schwarz

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4 Responses to New for Kindle and iPad: ‘The Joiner and Cabinet Maker’

  1. James says:

    Any approximate release date on the audiobook?


    • lostartpress says:


      I will probably edit this while in Germany next week. But nothing gets done until Matt Bickford’s book is off to the printer. So look for the audiobook later this summer.


  2. Scott P. says:

    Sweet! Thanks for putting out TJC in digital format. I like to tote my LAP library around with me and digital makes it so much easier!


  3. Devon says:

    Thanks for the no-DRM stance. I am on my 5th “ebook” device and I have changed formats 3 times over the years leaping from hardware to hardware. These moves taught me to greatly fear spending money on DRM-laden IP.


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