Name that Hide Glue – Win Something

It has been far too long since we held a puerile contest here on the Lost Art Press blog. And while driving home from our extended-family Mother’s Day celebration, my thoughts turned to (of course) hide glue.

I love hide glue in all its forms. I love it hot. I love it cold. I love it fresh. I hate it old.

The one thing I don’t like about hide glue is that I want more choices. There are only two brands of liquid hide glue out there: Titebond and Old Brown Glue. Both are fine glues with excellent qualities. But I think woodworkers deserve a third hide glue.

The contest: Name that hide glue.

While driving home I came up with what I thought was the most brilliant name ever for a glue made from a boiled animal. Are you sitting down? Good.

Deathgrip Hide Glue.

Aaaaaand, thank you. In the throes of personal glee I sent that idea to a few friends via SMS (aka, a text). One of them shot back with a name for hide glue that clearly eclipsed mine. I cannot, however, share it with you because it is so offensive that I just don’t have the stomach to endure the pile of hate mail that would follow.

He came up with a second one that I can print: Sticky McDeadhorse.

While not as funny, it is funny.

So here’s the contest: Give us the name of the next best hide glue by midnight May 16, 2012. The one that makes me laugh out loud the most wins one item from the Lost Art Press store. It can be anything that we currently have in stock.

All you have to do is post the proposed name of the glue and your e-mail. If you don’t send me your e-mail, I cannot contact you if you are the winner.

Bring it.

— Christopher Schwarz

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333 Responses to Name that Hide Glue – Win Something

  1. Duane Lindsey says:

    Ye old farm smell in a pot hide glue.

  2. Ed Lebetkin says:

    The old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be

    • Scott P. says:

      Ed’s entry here is my personal favorite. I might edit the product name: Old Gray Mare Hide Glue, with the tagline: “…she just ain’t what she used to be.

      All credit to Ed.

  3. Matthew says:

    Forget that gorilla glue stuff, I want….

  4. Jim says:

    Stinky Sh*t Hide Glue

  5. rwdawson says:

    “I cannot, however, share it with you because it is so offensive that I just don’t have the stomach to endure the pile of hate mail that would follow.”

    What about the hate mail for not sharing?


  6. don2laughs says:

    Flossy’s Own Hyde & Stink Glue

  7. dandegennaro says:

    Saddle Sore No More Joint Relief Glue

  8. fitzpatm says:

    Hooftastic Mastic, StankStick or HideBind

  9. Tim Henriksen says:

    Sticky-tariat Hide Glue

    A Triple Crown adhesive!!

  10. Rob P says:


  11. cgood830 says:

    Thoroughbred Good-N-Dead Hide Glue

  12. Mike Krogh says:

    “Bring On The Horse” hide Glue
    Low price entry is “Cheap Horse” or “Two Dollar Horse”

  13. Joe Olivas says:

    Red Ribbon Winner

    olivasj at gmail dot com

  14. here's what I did... says:
  15. Mike Krogh says:

    Hot Sticky Horse

  16. ray zumwalt says:

    Old nag hide glue, hooves and all adhesive, Mule hide tough glue.

  17. Jay says:

    eau de Krentcil

  18. Duane Lindsey says:

    sorry, but just one more: Peta Pot Hide Glue: for a hide is a terrible thing to waste. Duane Lindsey

  19. aaron cashion says:


  20. aaron cashion says:


  21. John A. Callaway says:

    Animal Agglutinant

  22. David says:

    How about Boiled Bog Snot !!!

  23. Hide ‘n Go Stank

  24. bearlimvere says:

    Frau Blücher’s Glue — Okay, maybe you have to be a Mel Brooks fan…!

  25. John A. Callaway says:

    Farm Fresh Agglutinant
    ( email above )

  26. Trevor Angell says:

    Dirtbag’s Last Rodeo.

    tsangell at g mail dot com

  27. michael says:

    I too have returned from a day with mother-in-law so how about
    Mother-in-law cow hide Eh um Old Mare hide

  28. Greg Suing says:

    Gelding Welding

  29. Out to Pasture Hide Glue

    • figwoodworks says:

      I should add that a good friend calls it Horse Sauce and his bench dog helps lick up the squeeze out

    • Phil Spencer says:

      i should add a good friend calls it Horse Sauce, his bench dog even helps with the clean up.

  30. Samson says:

    “Santorum” – per Mr. Savage.

  31. Paul says:

    1> Ol dobbin

    2> OL Ned

  32. Too Win Place or Show adhesive

  33. Dave Bless says:

    Horse Spit Hide Glue

  34. Mary says:

    eau d’Sinew: The can-do, un-do glue

  35. luke barnett says:

    “my dog” better hide glue

  36. David says:

    Spank your wood, tan your hide glue

  37. Stevenn Kirincich says:

    Seattle Slew Glue

  38. Bob Jones says:

    Recycled Horse Flesh

  39. Eric R says:

    “Fly’s won’t even touch it” hid glue.

  40. Animal Stoo Rawhide Gloo





  41. Matthew says:

    Moo splooge

  42. Champion the Wonder Glue

  43. Nemo Delacroix says:

    Dr. Jekyll’s Mysterious Hyde Glue

  44. Brad Ringer says:

    Colt 45 Hide Glue (comes in 40 oz containers only)

    Wilbur’s Secret Recipe

  45. David says:

    From the Rooter to the Tooter!
    Getcha some
    Bareback Hide Tack

  46. Lim Peacock says:

    Titbond Hide Glue

  47. John Cashman says:

    Unicorn Unibond.

  48. Ferroequinologist’s Rivet Glue

  49. tony says:

    stallion sauce.

  50. Andrew Cortese says:

    Mounties Tack and Tendon

    andrew.v.cortese –at —

  51. John Switzer says:

    From my wife – “Gummy Nag”

    “Ol’ Boiled Mare”
    “Grim Reaper gripper”

  52. Chris says:

    Sticky Trigger

  53. tony says:

    Bronco Butter!!!

  54. Mary says:

    My Friend Sticka

  55. Joshua says:

    Trot Snot

    Adhairsive Hide Glue

  56. Jesse says:

    Just plain “Mr. Hyde Glue”. (copyright infringement not considered)

  57. Joshua says:

    Trot Snot
    Adhairsive Hide Glue

  58. Jesse says:

    oh, almost forgot…

  59. Jeff Skory says:

    Carcass Clamp

  60. Matthew Simon says:

    “Brown Frown”

  61. dmwoodwork says:

    Secretariat’s Collagen

  62. Danny Guegueirre says:

    And in last place hide glue

  63. James says:

    Trigger Tight

  64. tony says:

    PUT DOWN!! natural wood glue.

  65. Dean in Des Moines says:

    Winnin’ Skin
    Pegasus Paste

    stationx at gmail

  66. Ches Spencer says:

    Forever Amber

  67. Dean in Des Moines says:

    Beetlebaum Binder

  68. John Cashman says:

    Barbaro Bond

  69. Molly Bickford says:

    Black Gluety

  70. lew60 says:

    Rabbit Tightest

    Ala Bugs Bunny!

    • Nemo Delacroix says:

      Rabbit Glue, Duck Glue, Rabbit Glue, Duck Glue, Rabbit Glue, Rabbit Glue, Duck Glue!

  71. Marlon says:

    Hoofin’ It Glue; The Mane Glue; Seattle Stew Glue; Bridle Joint Glue; Gee & Haw Glue.

  72. Jay says:

    Seabiscuit’s Reward

  73. Ben St. John says:


    “Eh, sorry about that, old friend” glue

    Nothing says “rubbin'” like an equine in the oven (more of a slogan, that, actually…)

    Your Horses Hold

    What the f#*k am I gonna do with all these dead horses? traditional hide glue

    I believe you have my email–if not, well, it’s been fun (that’s not a name proposal, btw, if it wasn’t obvious…)

  74. tiquose says:

    Buckskin Stickum

  75. tiquose says:

    Buckskin Stickum

  76. Andrew says:


  77. brucewlove says:

    The folks at Gorilla Glue would have a sure fire hit with “Gorilla Hide Glue”…

    But, I am thinking of a safe glue for young girls who want to get into woodworking… “‘My Little Pony’ Glue”.

  78. Shannon McGee says:

    It’s…..Beetle Bomb

    shannonmcgee61 at gmail dot com

  79. tony says:

    Stallions Surplus!!!

  80. j. conrad says:

    Neigh Slayer


  81. j. conrad says:

    Black Beauty

  82. tony says:

    Barn Burners Hide Glue!!
    last one I swear!

  83. ajgodet says:

    I can’t believe it’s not horse guts!

  84. hamptonpaulk says:

    War horse. Famous Mr Ed’s

  85. ajgodet says:

    I can’t believe it’s not horse guts!

  86. hamptonpaulk says:

    War horse. Also, Famous Mister Ed’s

  87. Ron harper says:

    The finally useful mule

  88. phil williams says:

    My Sitcky Pony

  89. Ryan says:

    Boiled Stiff Hide Glue
    -Grips Your Wood Like Hide Glue Should

  90. Alan Vondran says:

    Secretariat`s Ultimate Wet Dream ….. For Those Realy Hard Spots To Hold

  91. Alan Vondran says:

    Secretariat`s Ultimate Wet Dream ….. For Those Really Hard Spots To Hold

  92. Peter Ganev says:

    You have 2 cows. One of them is dead.

    pganev at

    Peter Ganev

  93. Vincent says:


  94. David Doud says:

    my friend sticka…

  95. Chris Deming says:

    “Can’t beat it, join it” Deadhorse Hide Glue

    More of a catchphrase really,

    • Chris Deming says:

      Some Other considerations

      Sticky End Hide Glue
      Filly Filler Hide Glue
      Guilty Conscience Hide Glue

  96. Antti Nannimus says:

    Hi Christopher,
    Very entertaining. When this contest has run its course, we could have another one to find a new name for nuts and screws. Surely we can improve those names too!
    Have a nice day!

  97. Ernie says:

    Sawhorse Glue: Our horses go all in so you can glue without commitment.

  98. Ernie says:

    Stickhorse Glue

  99. Ernie says:

    Fatal Attraction

  100. Jay says:

    Glueteus Maximus

  101. Ernie says:

    Rigor Mortise Glue: We don’t run but we do hide.

  102. ray zumwalt says:

    Sticky Skins no-let-go adhesive!

  103. DJ says:

    Tonto’s Kemostickee

  104. Roger Myers says:

    “Jockey Shorts” Hide Glue

  105. Megan says:

    Goo-dah Hide Glue
    Comes in the original formulation ‘Camptown’ (“5 miles long” open time), and introducing the all-new ‘Derby’ (quicker setting). Still “Stickier Than Granma’s Pecan Pie!”

  106. Roger Myers says:

    “Saddle Sores” hide glue

  107. Roger Myers says:

    “Jockey Shorts” hide glue

  108. Roger Myers says:

    The fast setting “Quick Trigger” hide glue or the premium blend “Hi-Ho Silver”

  109. H K says:

    I love ice cream

  110. churchclown says:

    Dr. Jekyll’s Super Hyde Glue

  111. Art says:

    Road Kill Bond All
    Trigger’s Last Hold Up

    railroadloads at gee mail. dot com…

  112. Brad says:

    Nag Drippings

    ginkow at gmail dot com

  113. Steve Opacich says:

    Adolphin Free Schickelgluber

  114. eeyoris21 says:

    1st attempt: Stud Sauce
    2nd attempt: No Mare Studs Glue
    3rd attempt (from my girlfriend): Sarah Jessika Parker Glue


  115. David Nordrum says:

    I can’t believe it’s not butt

  116. ckm says:

    Hot Dog Reject Juice
    Jurgis Rudkus’ Finest
    Nothing Except the Tail
    Foyot’s Fasten-All

  117. J. White says:

    Ok. I’ll chime in with three:

    Longshot –
    It’s never a gamble when you use thoroughbred glue!

    Quarterhourse –
    It’s three quarters water and one quarterhorse!

    Steeplechase –
    Those that can, do. Those that can’t, glue!

    bpajwhite – at – gmail – dot – com

  118. abtuser says:

    Bad Ass Hide Glue ‘You know where you can stick it’

  119. Chris says:

    Wet your pants… Subcutaneous Reaffirmation
    clegendre at hotmail dot ca

  120. Philip Lorenz says:

    That’s an easy one:
    Knacker Bond: “If you can’t ride them, hide them”.

    I’m afraid some of the meaning (häuten=to skin) doesn’t translate well from the German, but at least in English this rhymes.

  121. burbidge says:

    Nag Clag, or maybe, Groom’s Revenge

  122. Sue J says:

    Here are a few more ideas for your collection –
    -Run crazy horse, run and hide glue
    -Pimp my hide

  123. Ko says:

    Stubborn Brown

  124. Dave says:

    Beast Bond

    • Dave says:

      I forgot my tag lines…
      –From Livery to Joinery
      –When you can’t beat a dead horse, you can rub wood
      –Cooked rabbit for your rabbets
      –Hot rub for your butt joint
      –Sticky stuff for your tongue and groove

  125. Dave says:

    Zoo Glue

  126. David says:

    Sticky Stallion
    Clippety-Clop Cohesion

  127. JB says:

    Save the Whales.

    (Please pick us! My husband is dying for your book! No offense, horses.)

  128. Jane A. says:

    Hides, Horsepiss and Zombies.

  129. James says:

    Horse Burger Helper
    Special Sauce

  130. James says:

    Triple Crown Glue

    You saw them at the track, now use them in your home

    Hide Glue Silver

    Must have a mask on the label and a silver bullet stopper

    Soylent Green Glue

    From our nursing homes to you

    I need to stop waking up early……………..

  131. Fred L says:

    Pet Cemetary Hyde Glue
    From My Barn to Your Furniture Hyde Glue
    Elsie the Cow Hyde Glue
    I Died for You Hyde Glue
    Boiled My Horse Hyde Glue

  132. Giddyup Gloo. SkinnyDip. BullBoil. AssWipe. Slaughterhouse Slime.

  133. Rich Wile says:

    Some really good ones here – how about?

    “Trigger’s Last Stand” Hide Glue

  134. Roger Myers says:

    How about “Pinto Paste”?

  135. Ernie says:

    Charlie Horse Hide Glue: The all natural way to bind your joints.

  136. lorenzo says:

    Gobsmacked —- good old newfoundland expression. to be gobsmacked! could shorten and call it Gobsmack. yes gobsmack hide glue hahhhe


  137. Ernie says:

    You-can’t-beat-a-dead-horse Hide Glue

  138. rmcnabb says:

    “Jockey’s Revenge”
    “Semi Permanent”
    Slogan: “The plowin’s done…the race is run…a better glue you shant find one.”

  139. Paul says:

    Resinous Rocinante

  140. BMwood says:

    I was Mr. Ed hide glue- oh Wilbur

  141. blowery says:

    Gluuuuue (say it like a cow)
    A Stick (tagline: what’s brown and sticky?)
    Mr. Moo
    Mr. Dead

  142. markdorman says:

    Forsaken Glue, where was PETA when I needed them.
    Pure Hide Glue, No Whinny No S*it

  143. Matthew says:

    Hi-Ho SLIVER

  144. John Walkowiak says:

    Hide Glue – Sticks like Grim Death – The last glue you will ever need

  145. Brian Yates says:

    Churchill Downs Adhesive
    Last it’s what our glue is made to do!

  146. Ben says:

    Mr. Ed’s GlueAll – “The Intelligent source of Hide Glue”

  147. David Pickett says:


  148. Mike Krogh says:

    Colonel Belmont’s Old Fashioned Horse Glue

  149. Cheval de Merde,
    Pièces de Chevaux,
    “Triple Brown” Hide Glue

  150. Ron says:

    Wild Horses Couldn’t Tear It Apart Glue
    Run and Hide Glue
    A Horse of a Different Color Hide Glue

  151. gildedrain says:

    They use “The Black Rooster” as the sigil for official Chianti Classico in Italy… what about “The Black Stallion” of hide glues? And if a movie was made about it, it would star Smelly Reno and Stickey Rooney. A gelatinous classic! The whole family will be glued to the screen.

  152. HTJ – Hide That Joint!
    Stephen Freed

  153. Derek Hall says:

    Horsey Sauce
    Elmare’s glue
    Galloping Glue Sauce
    Stallion Stew
    Mr. Edhesion
    — i should probably stop 🙂

  154. Steven D says:

    Super Jam

  155. Steven D says:


  156. Mike says:

    Hung Like a Horse Hide Glue.
    Brag to all of your friends that you’re a “Hung Like a Horse” man!

  157. James says:

    Catherine’s Great Glue

    ‘In Soviet Russia, horse rides you!’

  158. Vincent says:

    Stick It Anytime Anywhere
    Smooth Wood: it’ll make you proud
    No More Cracks For Your Wood

  159. Dr. Stinkhyde’s Classic Woodweld
    “When offered another brand, say neigh”
    “When it comes to glue, you can’t beat our dead horse”

  160. Groves says:

    Keep it simple.


    Assuming its not made from donkeys, that is.

  161. Doug F. says:

    Dead Horse Glue: You Can’t Beat It!

  162. Steven says:

    Not Honey

  163. LoinLock. LoinLocker. BoarBond. SowSauce. BovineBond. BoarBinder. BullBinder. Eau de Mystery Meat. BoneSauce. Rigor Mortis. BoneButter.

    (From the mind of a veterinarian’s son having actual experience with animal-rendering vendors)

  164. Nick says:

    Hide-All-Go Hide Glue
    Silver’s Last Ride Hide Glue
    or for a more obscure Lone Ranger reference
    Dusty Snuffs It Hide Glue

    also Pegasus Paste Hide Glue

  165. Shakey says:

    Seattle Glew

  166. Tom says:

    Old #7 Liquid Hide Glue
    Stubborn and Strong

  167. Brian Graham says:

    Maggot Maker
    Gag a Maggot Hide Glue
    Foul Foal
    Rotten Trotten
    Stale Stallion

  168. Brian says:

    Un-priable Cold-Dead Hooves Glue
    Old Bones Glue

  169. Lane says:

    Non-Sleipnir (a.k.a., Old Norse Horse) “When four-legged glues just won’t do.”
    Flicka Sticka
    Jockey’s Demise

    lanemartin at yahoo dot coom

  170. Patrick says:

    Rendered Resin brand Hyde glue
    Available in all animal types

  171. Greg Blake says:

    Trigger Tack Hide Glue

  172. John Brinson says:

    Gene’s Champ Paste
    Trainer’s Revenge
    Calumet Clamping Juice
    Bluegrass Bonding Power

    jbrinson at citlink dot net

  173. Jay says:

    Baba Yaga’s Special Blend of Extra Whiny Children

  174. Keith Holz says:

    Two offerings here…
    1) Moo Goo
    2) Colt 86

  175. Patrick says:

    One more:
    Brown Spunk (Lean Finely Textured Horse – LFTH)
    (from the people who brought us ‘pink slime’ )

  176. “Neigh Better” Hide Glue. The ad features a Scotsman saying “There’s neigh better!”

    (Or a Scottish horse, but that might be hard to convey. You could put a tam on him, maybe.)

    dwcom at newagrarian dot com

  177. dd knab says:

    passing gas hide glue

  178. Don Williams says:


  179. William Duffield says:

    Hobson’s Choice

  180. Jeff Brinkman says:

    Blucher’s “He Was My Boyfriend!” Blend.

    • Jeff Brinkman says:

      Or, keeping with the theme,
      Taggart’s “Ol number 6” Glue.

      • Jeff Brinkman says:

        Since he punched out a horse, it’s tangentially connected. Short, simple, to the point –
        “Mongo Straight”

  181. Steven G says:

    Triple Crown Stud dud

  182. shadyb says:

    Sticky Balls…..

  183. David Bird says:

    S.C.H.W.A.R.Z. Glue
    Smelly Colloidal Hot Wood Adhesive Rendered at the Zoo

  184. shadyb says:

    “Crack Spackle”….?

  185. shadyb says:


    I got a million of em…..

  186. shadyb says:


    Ok, I`ll quit now….

  187. James says:

    2 more:

    Hookers’ hide glue
    ‘Because keeping the skins in your attic is creepy.’

    Willie Nelson’s ‘Cowboy Romance’ hide glue.
    ‘My love ran down your leg, but now you’re gone.’

  188. Jay says:

    Soylent Brown

  189. Mike Krogh says:

    Don Corleone’s Glue You Can’t Refuse

  190. Antonio says:

    Oxtail Hide

  191. Mike Krogh says:

    BLM’s Mustang Solution

  192. Mike Krogh says:

    King Richard III’s “That’s not at all what I wanted” Glue

  193. Mike Krogh says:

    Horse Scents

  194. Ernest Paxton says:

    Sticky Palms Hide Glue
    “Nothing sticks to your wood like Sticky Palms”

  195. bengtn1961 says:

    Stewed Loser

  196. shergar resurrection,

  197. Chris says:

    Don’t understand why anyone would buy a commercially prepared hide glue (let alone have to name one!) Violin makers simply take dried animal skin pellets and soak in water. Luthiers have been been doing this for centuries.

  198. Patrick says:

    Melted Mare

  199. Unicorn Holdio
    Careless Farrier
    My Old Pony

    ethansincox at gmail dot com

  200. Mark says:

    Seabiscuit Hide Glue
    “Getting you to the finish faster”

    Thank you, thank you very much. 🙂

  201. Seabiscuit Stickit or Stewball Glueall

  202. jaweaver says:

    Dr. Trotter’s Liqufied Hide
    Dr. Trotter’s Hide Juice

    Slogan: “Not Just a One Stick Pony!”

    jason (dot) weaver (at) me (dot) com

  203. Jerry Wheeler says:

    Whinney the Glue
    Soon to be a children’s classic….

  204. vern says:

    Seabiscut Snot Glue
    Giddy up Gutt Glue

    A new dovetail saw would be nice. 🙂

    vley6 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  205. Antonio says:

    Horse’s Pride
    Liquid Hide Glue

  206. Mike Wilson says:

    Name: Happy Ending Hide Glue
    Tag Line: Lube up you parts and stick tab A into Slot B


  207. Dean Mac says:

    Mother`s Rodent glue.
    “and you thought her stew smelt bad” (not that it smells)
    “now we know what happened to fluffy”

  208. For the highbrow types.

    An Orwellian Ending
    Your Workhorse in the Shop.

  209. stanton says:

    Gel from Horsey Hell Hide Glue

  210. Morty says:

    Mr. Ed’s “WILLBURR, it’s your mother” of all Bonds

  211. Morty says:

    And in care WordPress doesn’t give the email:

  212. Ted Bateman says:

    Trigger Tacky

  213. Ted Bateman says:

    Stud Stickum…… Mare Magic…..

  214. John Burton says:

    Hi yo silver! Adhere!

  215. Bill Beardsley says:

    Hide-it-all glue

    Mooo-glue (With a distingushed looking white bottle with black spots and an udder shaped dispenser)

    End-of-the-rope glue (with a picture on the bottle of a horse in at a full stop with locked legs, a rope tied off the pommel and leading to a . . . .lassoed glue pot.)

    Sunset glue (with a picture on the bottle of a sunset over a desert, with black silhouettes of horses and cows, walking towards . . . the sunset.)

    HHSA glue (Which stands for Hi-Ho Silver, Away)

    -Bill (

  216. Dave says:

    Eyore’s Elixir

  217. Todd Eckelberg says:

    Secretariat… buy a length

    Whipping up a dead horse

  218. cvanwinkle says:

    Sir. Render’s Neighborhood Pet Hide Glue

  219. peghole says:

    Fourth Place Finish

  220. mare (really!) says:

    Fourth Place Finish

  221. johnjoiner says:

    Gristle Gunk

  222. John Griffin-Wiesner says:

    Gristle Gunk

  223. mikeagnew says:

    Bar A Hyde Glue (-A ), Lost A Hyde Glue (~A), Hole A Hyde Glue (oA)

  224. Ox says:

    Knackers Glue by The Old Knackery Glue Works…. “It has the balls to make anything stick…!”

  225. Curro Molero says:

    Mother rabbit´s sadness hide glue

  226. John says:

    “It’s the Veal Deal” hyde glue.

  227. Josh Burroughs says:

    Triple Crown Thoroughbred Glue
    “From the winner’s circle to you!”

  228. cgood830 says:

    Gelding Gum, Mustang Mucilage and/or Pony Plaster

  229. Adam CooK says:

    Kentacky Dura-by……..A winner in every bottle!
    Lancaster Salvage Hide Glue…….Handmade by the Amish!

  230. Adam CooK says:

    Kentacky Dura-by Hide Glue…….A winner in every bottle!
    Lancaster Salvage Hide Glue…….Amish handmade work glue!

  231. John Chatburn says:

    Here’s a couple:

    – Uncle Roy’s Free Range Hide Glue
    -Boiled Bessey Hide Glue
    -Schwarz’s Stupendously Sticky Stuff
    -2nd Place Hide Glue: Brought to you by the losers of the Kentucky Derby

  232. Patrick says:

    From the creators of “20 Mule Team Borax” comes:

    “20 Mule Team Hyde Glue” – As stong as a team of mules because it’s made from a team of mules!

  233. Ian Mackay says:

    Snot your Grampa’s Hide Glue
    The Breeder’s Gluepot
    Kentucky Brown Sauce

    woodcanuck at

  234. Ronald says:

    1> Dead Horse – “You Can’t Beat It!”
    2> By A Nose – “Sometimes First Place Stinks”
    3> Didn’t Show – “You Can’t See It!”
    4> Last Place – “You Don’t Have To Be Quick To Make This Stick!”
    I am a bit rushed today and don’t have time to read all previous entries. My sincere apologies to anyone I may have infringed upon. I will read them all, I promise. 🙂
    ronald.tibbs @

    • Ronald says:

      Well, we can scratch #1. Looks like Doug F. beat me to it. (scratch, beat… man the horse racing and dead horse puns never end with this one)

  235. Jamey Amrine says:

    “High Hold Silver!”

    jamrine at gmail dot com

  236. John says:

    Italian Stallion

    “yo Adrian…I made you a table”

  237. Julien Hardy says:

    I must say the best one I’ve read so far is Rigor Mortise. Definitely. Bravo.

  238. Mike Krogh says:

    I’ve left a few myself and I have a hard time not giving Rigor Mortise its due. I like Tripebond, too. Or is that Tripebond II?
    How about “A Piece of Horse–all other hide glues are a horse a piece.”
    “Horse With No Name Glue–like the song says, it’s good to keep it out of the rain.”
    Chris, you’ll let us know if the email we need to log in to post isn’t good enough? I’m no big fan of publicly posting my email. Once you throw something out on the interwebs like that, it sticks like it’s held by … whatever this imaginary glue ends up being called.

  239. russ says:

    Name: “The XXX Ranch’s Gooey Brown Pony Paste”
    Tag Line: “We keep our ponies wet and hot so you can stick yer wood together”

    Please send all hate mail to:
    My absentee parents – Clearly this is what you get when the TV/internets raises your kids.

    Please send all prizes to:
    2u55.44 at G to the M to the A to the I to the L (.com)

    p.s. we have officially reached the end of the internets – thanks Chris.

  240. John Kuszewski says:

    Liquid Toenails

  241. Collin says:

    Shoe-In Hide Glue, “It was almost a winner!”
    Seize In The City, Sarah Jessica Parker’s designer line of hide glue

  242. Steve says:

    8th Place Glue. Last in life, first in glue.

  243. David B says:

    Sewell’s Ebony Hide Glue

  244. Ted Bateman says:

    Trigger Tacky Hide Glue
    Stud Stickum Hide Glue
    Mare Magic Hide Glue

  245. Two more entries:
    Hack Tack
    Unbridled Attraction
    Stephen Freed

  246. stanton says:

    Skeleton Gelatin Hide Glue

  247. Dow Welch says:

    The Wonderful One Hoss Goo
    – The Deacon’s Choice, now available for your legacy projects….

  248. burbidge says:

    Uncle Noah’s Rendered Ark – Double the strength of other brands!
    Godfather’s Glue – Get Stuck With a Horse’s Head.
    Ned-Fast Mucilage – its loss is your gain.


  249. twalk says:


  250. pb-husker says:

    Track to Crack Hide Glue
    Stubborn Mule Hide Glue
    Fine Equine Hide Glue
    Pack Mule Potion Hide Glue
    Hind Quarter Hide Glue
    Swayback Solution Hide Glue

  251. James McCoy says:

    1) “Wasn’t me!”
    2) “Dang, what’s that smell?”
    3) “Crap!”
    4) “What in God’s name are you doing out here?”
    5) “Fartin’ an’ Fixin'”

  252. Jack Plane says:

    Ready Neddy
    Fair Mare
    Hoof Arted
    Horse Sauce –

  253. bengtn1961 says:

    Liquid loser.

  254. Mike Krogh says:

    Dinty Moore Beef Stew

  255. Mark Nicholson says:

    “Equine Epoxy”
    “Carpe Ligna” made by Dead Horses Society

  256. John says:

    Kenobi’s secret weapon.
    May the horse be with you…

  257. Adam says:

    CaMoo Glue: For those seemingly Sysiphean projects.

  258. Ernie says:

    Follow up to Rigor Mortise (Rigour Mortice in the UK): other glues merely stick. Rigor Mortise actually SETS IN!

  259. Andy Stevens says:

    Pig sticker

  260. Scott Custer says:

    Black Beauty Butt Gum

  261. tman02 says:

    “Last Place Again Hide Glue”
    “Bovine’s Best Hide Glue”

  262. Charlie Dunford says:

    Stickey Moo Guu

  263. Lee Laird says:

    Horse Power


    Hoove of thought it


    Horsy in a bottle

  264. joel says:

    a. vegan glue– made with pure, free-range, vegan horses (green-washing at it’s finest)
    b. liquid lariat
    c. hooves holdfast
    d. collagen cream
    e. hoof & hide helping hands

    email: joel.wakeman(at)

  265. nathan scheffler says:

    Dead Dog “For a lasting hold, dip a dallop of dead dog”
    Dog and Pony Adhesives, for the best show on earth.
    Old Horse “cough cough, Hey there Flicka, your looking a little hoarse, but don’t worry, you’ve got a great future in Old Horse Hide Glue”
    Sticky Pony
    Pony Express, for when it absolutely positively HAS to be glued overnight.
    Racehorse “We only use the fastest horses for the fastest bonding hide glue in the world. Racehorse, made from champion racehorses.”

  266. nathan scheffler says:

    We understand he was more than just a horse. He was your constant companion for many years. You rode the range together. Now you can keep his memory alive in your next great furniture build. With Forever Friends Hide Glue, your daily seat in the saddle can become your soft place to land at the end of the day. We take pride in being able to commemorate the good times you shared together in this unique way.

  267. nathan scheffler says:

    Kenstuckey Derby

  268. nathan scheffler says:

    The Stalion Stick. Exclusively sold in our unique stick format with graduated markings on the product, stallion stick makes it easy to measure the right amount of glue for your application.

    Golden Goose Goo- Recent studies have found that glue made from goose skin is almost 2 times as tacky in colder temperatures as a similar product made from horse hide. Trust Golden Goose Goo for when you cant afford to worry about your projects going south for the winter.

  269. nathan scheffler says:

    Now offering out largest Stalion Stick ever. The bigger your stick, the better your stuck.

  270. Horses Hip Hide Glue: targets weak joints

  271. luke barnett says:

    dermapiss glue.
    a “green” adhesive company.

  272. Gerald says:

    Mr. Ed’s Hot Pots
    Boiled Cow
    Running Horse
    Stink, Stank, Stunk
    Sticky Lips
    Sticky Fingers (okay so the Stones beat me too it)
    Hoof and Mouth
    Hot Off the Hoof
    White Hands
    Slap Stick
    Runny Skin
    Hot Goo
    Stiff Jello
    All Natural Sheep Skin
    Gap Fill

  273. Stu says:

    Well I’m going to get buried, but in the tradition of old brown hid glue:

    Next Best Hide Glue

  274. John Karlsson says:

    Old Paint Glue

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