Could That Be the Roubo Horse Approaching the Final Turn?

Part Un: Much to my astonishment I noticed (quite literally) just a few minutes ago that our first correspondence for the soon-to-be-in-your-hands To Make As Perfectly As Possible – Roubo on Marquetry was four years ago. Holy cow, where does the time go?  I discovered this oddity while painstakingly working my way through the FINAL chapter  (122 pages on a subject Roubo claimed he knew nothing about!) of that volume and I was checking some previous work.

I am delighted that we are back to full speed ahead after a little bit of choppy water. It is exasperating when the real world of life outside this project intervenes. I realize the level of interest you have for this project and I thank you sincerely for the patience you have exhibited. Even better, rereading some of the earlier work gets my excitement back to fever pitch. I truly hope it is not just my own obsession, and that soon you will join me in amazement of the captivating world of Andre Jacob Roubo.

After conversing with Chris we are now hopeful that the volume will make its premier concurrent with Woodworking in America in Cincinnati the first week in November. Huh, that’s just six weeks before Christmas.  Is that an amazing coincidence or what? If everything falls into place November will be a heady time for us, with the Roubo debut followed by another week examining intensely Mr. H. O. Studley’s tool chest.

Next week I will post a delightful passage from Chapter 14, Part III, Section III – On the Third Type of (Veneered) Cabinetry in General.  I hope this will give you a taste – both in substance and tone – of that which is coming your way.

— Don Williams

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8 Responses to Could That Be the Roubo Horse Approaching the Final Turn?

  1. lorenzo says:

    MORE MORE MORE of Roubo please. i hope there is more than just marquetry. Are you publishing a full volume of his work? How much of his huge volume will you publish?

    oh just to tease a few people i received in the mail today a vintage Atkins Perfection Panel saw. oh yes a crosscut. Guess who sharpened it? HE makes a roubo beast oh if i only had that to do the Roubo bench!

  2. Push it guys…gotta be ready for WIA pt one in Pasadena! Keep it coming. Good stuff!

  3. Tim Henriksen says:

    “Every eye fixed itself upon him; with parted lips and bated breath the audience hung upon his words, taking no note of time, rapt in the ghastly fascinations of the tale”.


  4. Bob says:

    I’ve never been so eager to hear what a Frenchman had to say! 🙂

  5. Sean Pratz says:

    You don’t have to meet an arbitrary deadline to get it right. I’ve waited two and a half centuries, after all. But for heaven’s sake, give me a link I can add to my wish-list for my family and friends!

  6. James says:

    Oh, man. I’m totally gonna work my wood like a Frenchman…

    Jeez. In any other context that would sound dirty.

    Very, very excited here.

    Wait. Now that sounds dirty, too.


  7. Adam says:

    I can’t wait. Personally I hope it is all about marquetry but, I can see why others would feel differently. This will be epic.

  8. dave says:

    Go Don Go!!!

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