Come See Lost Art Press at 2 Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events

Lost Art Press will be exhibiting at two of the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool events this spring: March 30-31 at the Popular Woodworking Magazine shop, and April 20-21 at Jeff Miller’s shop in Chicago.

Click here for show details.

We will have all of our books with us, of course, and perhaps a tool chest or two to show off. At the Cincinnati event I likely will bring along the finished Campaign Secretary I’ve been building – but that depends on how much hauling capacity we will have.

We attend these events every year because they are a fantastic and free way for people to get hand tool instruction and advice. There is no hard-sell by Lie-Nielsen whatsoever. They simply have all the tools out for you to use, and they offer instruction in how to sharpen, set-up and use them.

Lie-Nielsen also invites other toolmakers, publishers and instructors to exhibit at these events. Daed Toolworks will be at the event in Cincinnati, as will Glen-Drake Toolworks, Blue Spruce, Czeck Edge and Chuck Bender from Acanthus Workshop.

The Chicago event will feature Elkhead Tools, the boys from Benchcrafted, Glen-Drake and Daed Toolworks.

If you haven’t been to one of these events, I highly recommend you find one in your area and plan a day to just hang out and soak up the information. Ask Kevin Drake of Glen-Drake Tool Works to show you how he cuts dovetails (it’s cool). Ask Deneb Puchalski of Lie-Nielsen to show you how he uses toothed blades to prep stock (also cool). Then try the tools out yourself.

We hope to see you at one of these shows.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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10 Responses to Come See Lost Art Press at 2 Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events

  1. frossm says:

    Great news Chris. We all missed you last year in Chicago…

  2. stanberryk says:

    I know it is a long ways away, but is too bad you couldn’t have made it to Santa Fe, NM. I would have even wore my ‘May the Schwarz be with you’ t-shirt.

  3. You can count me in on bringing a tool chest to share (smaller version). Which happens to be filled with tools from Lie-Nielsen and Elk Head Tools. Which are also being used to build my split-top Roubo from Benchcrafted. All the planets have aligned!

  4. bobbollin says:

    I attended the Lie-Nielsen show when they were in Portland a few weeks ago. As Chris says, there is absolutely NO hard sell, nor hardly any selling at all! Just a bunch of friendly, knowledgeable, very helpful woodworkers and toolmakers showing off their wares and dispensing LOTS of useful advice. If you get the chance to go, don’t miss it. If nothing else, it affords you the opportunity to actually hold some of these storied tools in your own two hands and you also find out that all of these toolmakers that you’ve read about for years and years are actual, real people. It’s great fun.

  5. abtuser says:

    Hmmm…I’m going to the LN show in Minneapolis this coming weekend (March 16,17) hoping to pick up a No. 5 Jack…I may have to attend two shows this spring.

    • Peggy says:

      And Chris, you should come a little farther north to MN. It’s supposed to be unseasonably warm all week!

  6. KAR says:

    Chris – The photo above of the shoulder plane grip brings up a question about a recent post on Joel’s Blog at Tools for Working Wood. In that post Joel wrote that the proper (my term) way to hold a shoulder plane is a reverse grip that positions the hand in a manner that draws the plane toward the user. I seem to recall something I think you wrote about wrestling (again, my term) with any number of shoulder plane grips before you arrived at your present grip. I have no idea which – maybe both – grip is correct. In my limited experience with a shoulder plane each grip – push and pull – seems to have a place. All this written, I was wondering if you or anyone reading this has stumbled across some old drawings or photos of the reverse grip in action. Thanks.

  7. Megan says:

    I may join you in Chicago…and if so, there will be room in the rocket for hauling.

  8. Iain White says:

    Re the lack of a hard sell…
    The LN guys are smart enough to know that once you pick the tools up and try them, you will be hooked….. the seductive siren song of the gossamer shavings etc.
    At least that is what happened to me

    • Scott S. says:

      I was going to say ‘hard sell my arse!’, but you beat me to it. They have work benches, wood, and displays that demand you pick the tools up. Then there is a guy or gal that knows how to use all of them encouraging you to put tool to wood.

      They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Nobody ever says that the horse refused the water, though.

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