Second Printing of ‘The Joiner & Cabinet Maker’

We are just about to run out of copies of “The Joiner & Cabinet Maker” and are ordering a second printing. We have compliled a list of typographical errors that we want to correct in the second printing. If you have found any grammatical or factual errors, please send them to, and you will have my gratitude.

The other news on “The Joiner & Cabinet Maker” is that we hope to issue an audiobook of the original text of the fictional tale of young Thomas and bumbling Sam. This would be offered as a download for $8 (or so) or an audiobook CD for $12.

I first got the idea to do the audiobook from Roy Underhill. He suggested doing the book as a short film and casting Megan Fitzpatrick as the love interest for Thomas. Wait, I don’t remember Sally being Thomas’s love interest.

Anyway, after Roy’s suggestion, I was approached by a reader who asked if he could record the book on tape for a class of autistic children. He thought the tale and the associated handwork to build the packing box would be valuable to the students.

And that made me think that perhaps an audiobook might be fun for everyone.

Stay tuned.

— Christopher Schwarz

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14 Responses to Second Printing of ‘The Joiner & Cabinet Maker’

  1. Steve Branam says:

    Congratulations on running the first printing out! I really enjoyed this book, it was extremely educational. I use it as both an inspiration and a technical resource.

  2. Marlon says:

    I heard that! An audio book! Those of us who drive a bunch, we’d like it a bunch.

  3. James Vroman says:

    Sign me up for the CD
    When can we pre order ???
    Bedtime stories for woodworkers – lol

  4. jerseytool says:

    Will you be offering a second printing in leather?

  5. rob campbell says:

    This book is the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning… the idea of an audio book almost makes me queasy, but I would be first in line to buy it, of course…

  6. John Cashman says:

    Who’s going to read foe the audiobook? If you ask me, there are only two possible choices. Roy Underhill, or Samuel L. Jackson.

  7. Jason says:

    Great idea. Also, are you planning to order another printing of the Art of Joinery?

    • lostartpress says:


      Our plan is to issue a revised edition of “The Art of Joinery” this year — as long as other book projects don’t crowd it out. The revised edition will have additional material from Holme and Felebien.

  8. James says:

    Audiobook for $12?! Sign me up!!

  9. Dave says:

    Any chance of an ePub?

  10. Dean says:

    Question: Will there be an errata sheet available for those of us who purchased the first edition of “The Joiner And Cabinet Maker”?

    • lostartpress says:


      As far as I know, it’s just a handful of typographical errors. I don’t know of any substantial errors. If it’s just typos, then no, we won’t do an errata. If there are content errors, we always publish errata sheets.

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