The Last Leather ‘ATC’ Delivered Anywhere in the World

As a nerd who saw my fair share of the scummy bottoms of school garbage cans as a kid, I take a dim view of bullies. So for the next couple weeks, we at Lost Art Press are going to hold some auctions to raise money to help The Wood Whisperer fend off a nasty DDoS attack – because defense against this crap costs a lot of coin.

To kick things off, we are auctioning off the final leather-bound copy of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” (which normally runs $185), which I will ship anywhere in the world on my dime. This is a hand-bound book, made by artisans at The Ohio Book store in Cincinnati. It is made to last several lifetimes.

So here’s how the auction will work. I’m going to start the bidding at $50. If you want to bid, leave a comment stating your bid. The highest bid that is posted BEFORE midnight on Friday, March 9, wins the book. Yup, I’ll ship it to Japan, Iran or even any of the -stans. That is as long as your payment clears.

Note that 100 percent of your bid will go to Marc and Nicole Spagnuolo. I’m not making a dime.

During the weekend we’ll post more auctions, including some copies of the out-of-print “The Art of Joinery,” which some nutjob is selling on Amazon for $500. Plus some Lost Art Press T-shirts that are no longer available.

Stay tuned. And stay strong, Marc and Nicole. You aren’t alone in this.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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23 Responses to The Last Leather ‘ATC’ Delivered Anywhere in the World

  1. Barry Blessing says:


  2. michael says:


  3. Eric Felber says:

    It’s a noble cause; I’ll bid $100.

  4. michael says:

    hey – it’s only 15 over the original price 🙂

  5. Chris – While I can’t bid on the book, I applaud your efforts in helping out another woodworker-in-arms.


  6. michael says:

    Chris – this is quite magnanimous of you!! Thanks for doing this for TWW!!

  7. Kenny Stanberry says:

    I’ll bid $100.00

  8. Mark says:

    $250. What can I say? I’m into leather.

  9. Tim Henriksen says:

    Ahh … I love it when General Schwarz rallies his troops for a good cause. Donation given. Merch selected and paid. I love this edition but I am going to hold out for the T shirts!!

  10. This is really above and beyond Chris and company. My family and I are in awe of the generosity and support we are receiving. I’m glad I have you all in my corner! Best of luck to the bidders!

  11. abtuser says:

    I want a cap, but they’re out. Hopefully, they’ll be in stock again soon.

  12. Bravo, Chris. You’re all right 🙂


  13. Stuart says:

    I was only looking at this last night (ok, drooling a little), especially with Chris coming to Melbourne to run some courses!!! Sorry boss, if I am noticibly absent around then.


  14. Well done Chris. You’re a good man. That is what community is all about.

  15. Devon says:

    I would be a stain on American’s honor if this book were to leave these shores. 🙂


  16. borgix says:


    It’s the Schwarz in leather! Now black leather would have been more appropriate.

  17. Eric E says:

    You’re a good man, Chris.

  18. Rob I. says:

    This kind of thing is exactly why this is my favorite blog/community. Very strong cause, matched by strong community support. Not a bad apple in the bunch. Good on ya, Chris, and good luck bidders!
    -Rob in NH

  19. Frank yazzetta says:

    A great cause,will wait for tee shirts,hang in there had the same thing happen to me.

  20. Charles Hicks says:


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