Shipping Update on ‘Make a Joint Stool from a Tree’

More than half of the orders for “Make a Joint Stool from a Tree” were dropped into the mail stream on Saturday. Then we ran out of packing material.

We spent all day Saturday trying to find the corrugated material that we’re using for this oversized book, but all the vendors we use were sold out. Luckily, one of the vendors was right by a store that sold growlers of beer. We bought a growler of Sierra Nevada’s “Ruthless Rye,” so the day was not an entire loss.

We have more packing material on the way and shipments will resume on Monday.

All our technology did do a bad thing, however.

A handful of people who bought “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” in 2011 will be receiving a copy of the joint stool book. If you get one of these books in error, could you please send an e-mail to John Hoffman at john@lostartpress? He’ll e-mail you a return label for the book. Our apologies in advance for this mistake.

— Christopher Schwarz

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9 Responses to Shipping Update on ‘Make a Joint Stool from a Tree’

  1. Sounds like a G-I-G-O problem, which is another way of saying….. “human error”!

  2. j. conrad says:

    Didn’t know you do business as “Lost Arc Press”?!

    • lostartpress says:

      I don’t think that we’ve ever had a warehouse label that was 100 percent correct. They put a “t” in my last name, spell the company name wrong “Lost Arts” or get the book title wrong.

      I hardly notice it — as long as the books inside are correct.

  3. Greg Miller says:

    I’m very envious, Kelly Jons, of Wilson Mills Road, that your copy is on the way. Down here in the Antipodes, it will probably take a few months before I can get hold of this much-awaited book due to the supply system to those of us who live in the world outside of the USA. There is no satisfaction in reading reviews and all that internet chatter for months when I just want it in my hands. It’ll be good when LAP eventually mail out directly to the world rather than distributing though third party retailers. You’ve heard it all before, eh, Chris?
    So while all you lucky people in the USA are enjoying this book and raving about it over the internet, spare a thought for those of us who are waiting, waiting, waiting in the far flung corners of the globe to get our hands on this book!

  4. bawrytr says:

    Good help is hard to find. 🙂 I blame the schools.

  5. Dave Ring says:

    My copy arrived this morning and it looks mighty good! On the down side, the packaging is pretty flimsy and broke broke open on mine. The good folks at USPS taped it up though and there was no damage to the book. Those puny little staples don’t make it and that thin corrugated wrapper isn’t very good protection for a rather pricy (but not overpriced) book.

  6. I had the same problem that Dave Ring had. The staples pulled right out and I guess the book fell out. The USPS rubber banded it to the outer packaging and the book survived unharmed.

    Can’t wait to start reading the book!

  7. Albert Gauche says:

    My copy arrived today here in Springfield, Oregon. Excellent quality paper and binding. However after reading the intro and first two chapters have been amazing. Alexander and Follansbee along with everyone at Lost Art Press you hit this one out of the park. Catch you on down the trail.

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