‘The Essential Woodworker’ for Kindle

You can now purchase Robert Wearing’s hand-tool masterwork, “The Essential Woodworker,” for your Kindle or other reader that is compatible with Kindle files. The Kindle book is $10 and can be purchased here in our store.

That means you can now buy this landmark book in hardcover for $23, ePub for iPad or iPhone for $10 or in Kindle format for $10.

This reprint is fully authorized by the author – beware of pirated editions – and royalties from the sale of both the electronic and hardcover Lost Art Press editions go to help support Wearing in his old age.

The Kindle and ePub editions of “The Essential Woodworker” are based on our revised 2010 edition of the book where we incorporated corrections and revisions from Wearing, reset all the text and recreated photos that were lost by the previous publishing company.

Bringing this book back into print was a three-year ordeal for us – you can thank my partner John Hoffman for slicing through most of the red tape. But the hard work was worth it. “The Essential Woodworker” is one of the most important hand-tool woodworking books published in the post-Charles Hayward era and it remains one of my favorite references.

We are dedicated to keeping this book in print for as long as possible – we have thousands of copies stockpiled in my basement – and at a reasonable price. And getting it into Kindle and ePub formats helps ensure the book will not be forgotten or lost.

To purchase and download the Kindle edition, visit our store. International customers can send $10 via PayPal to john@lostartpress.com and he will send you a link to download the file.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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11 Responses to ‘The Essential Woodworker’ for Kindle

  1. Gordon says:

    This is the essential book for every woodworker. After a few years and many classes, there is still something to learn from this book. Highly recommend it.

  2. BikerDad says:

    Here’s to hoping you don’t have one of those basements that floods…. I’m going to put this puppy on my list to add to the library.

  3. ExCrusader says:

    Great! I have been eagerly waiting for the Kindle version to release. I hope you continue to release books in ereader formats.

  4. David Moore says:

    Love this book. Definitely the first book i’d recommend to anyone taking up woodworking.

  5. harperron@comcast.net says:

    Chris… I want your tool chest book and the Wearing book for my nook color.

  6. Rascal says:

    Question: I love my Kindle for serial reading and the newspaper (needs a new name perhaps? being paperless now), but not so much for reference books as it’s hard to flip back and forth 10 pages at a time as I often do with reference books. Do you know a secret trick for this or is this more of a serial reading type book? I was surprised that you use it on a Kindle.

  7. Jay Oyster says:

    There was a great comment during this past week’s NYTimes Book Review podcast about the rise of ‘heirloom quality books’. They mentioned that for quick reads, the latest mystery or pop culture book, people don’t mind ebooks and even relish the convenience, but for something people want on their shelf for a lifetime, they are starting to look for better quality bound books. It reminded me of the hand tool resurgence, and simultaneously reminded me of this book, which I thought of as one that I definitely want as a physical book. it’s on my Christmas wish list. (Perhaps my wife already ordered it, here’s hoping . ..)

    Anyway, thank you for producing fine quality PRINTED books covering topics I want to read.

  8. Marlon says:

    yeah….what they said…..

    Merry Christmas

  9. Tony Zaffuto says:

    Another excellent book by Robert Wearing is “Making Woodworking Aids & Devices”. Shows many shop appliances, workholding, shooting boards and you name it. Worthwhile to search out (or reprint!).

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