Classes on Building a Tool Chest

Several readers have asked where I’ll be teaching classes in 2012 on how to build a tool chest, so here is an update.

A couple notes on the class itself. If you don’t like cutting dovetails, you might want to reconsider. A good chunk of the class is a Bataan Death March of sawing and chopping. But by golly, you will be able to cut dovetails in a coma when it’s over.

It’s absolutely OK if this tool chest class is your first project. You’ll do fine.

If the class is filled up and you really want to attend, please sign up for the waiting list. Classes always have “churn.” Some people drop out because of a family event (marriage, surgery, divorce, graduation etc.). Others misread the class description (“I thought it was the ‘Anachronist’s Tool Chest,’ and I wear my +1 chainmail to bed”). So if you get on the waiting list for the class, there is a good chance you’ll get in.

And lastly, you will have a choice as to which chest you build: the full-size chest illustrated in “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest,” or the traveling-size chest I posted in this blog entry.

So here’s the line-up:

Feb. 20-24, 2012, at The Woodwright’s School. Roy’s calendar shows slightly different days, but he hasn’t updated his online calendar yet.

July 30-Aug. 3, 2012, at Kelly Mehler’s School of Woodworking. This class is listed as full, but get on the waiting list if you are serious. Trust me on this. “I thought it was ‘The Atavist’s Tool Chest.’”

Sept. 6-10, 2012, at The Woodwright’s School.

And if your year is already full, I’m working on my 2013 schedule and already have plans to teach this class in Connecticut and am negotiating with some chaps/blokes in Australia.

— Christopher Schwarz

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23 Responses to Classes on Building a Tool Chest

  1. Jason says:

    So I should leave my robe and wizard’s hat at home?



  2. joecrafted says:

    Somewhere, Gary Gygax is smiling.
    If we survive to 2013 (those crazy Mayans), I might take that class in CT. I’ll bring a few extra anti-fatigue mats. I haven’t measured it, but do the sides of the chest fit between the jaws of your Moxon vise plans/design? I can’t imagine cutting dovetails on those low benches without that vise.
    Do they have good pizza near St Roy’s shop?


    • lostartpress says:


      Yes, the chest sides fit in the Moxon vise.

      The pizza in North Carolina is OK. But they have BBQ and some good grits. Plus, Roy’s shop opens onto a bar (with craft beers) and Ed Lebetkin’s tool shop (VERY DANGEROUS).


  3. Jonathan says:

    Chris –
    Will there still be a strict no-dozuki policy for the class at the Woodwright School?



  4. You seemed to enjoy your trip to Port Townsend. We would love to see you back in Washington. Keep us in mind for 2013! Also, any plans to develop new classes?



  5. Ed Polf says:


    When are you coming back to the Pacific Northwest? Port Townsend?

    Ed Polf


  6. John Cashman says:

    Any idea when Roy will be allowing sign-ups? It is on his calendar, but still no way of registering.


  7. Has anyone completed the smaller chest yet and are there any photos posted?


  8. Michael says:

    Anarchy in Australia!!

    I’m building 3 of the little school boxes tweaked to look like a single sliding draw till chest. Its been a great learning experience in how to make a larger project more efficient. Especially the ‘scary’ dovetailing bits. I hope to have the three finished by Christmas and then my son two nephews will each have a “treasure box” with Anarchistic roots, that they can convert into their first tool chest and beyond. What I learn from this process I hope to translate into a more efficient building process of a larger ATC for myself perhaps later next year.

    Chris how serious were you about a class down under??


  9. Duncan Dodd says:

    Delighted you might be coming down under. Always wanted to build an Arachnid’s Tool Chest. Hope the family can come with you.


  10. Wendy D says:

    Colorado would be a great place for a class, Chris. Just sayin’.


  11. Phil Lang says:

    Nice trivialization of the Bataan Death March.


  12. Bernard Naish says:

    When will you run a class in England?


  13. E A says:

    Thanks for the clarification – I had been wondering for some time why the antichrist would need a tool chest.


  14. Ryan says:

    So you mean I spent all that money on a +3 agility marking knife for nothing?


  15. Kenny Stanberry says:

    Recv’d email from Roy last week. Not ready for registrations yet and he said past students will get first chance on classes. May have to get on waiting list when reg. Opens


  16. Will says:

    Sign me up for the Antichrist class down under. And flights to Australia often pass New Zealand, you know. Just sayin’.

    Meantime, you may be interested in this:


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