We Don’t Need You

“Unless you think you can do better than Tolstoy, we don’t need you.”

— James Michener

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8 Responses to We Don’t Need You

  1. Mike Siemsen says:

    I thought Frida Kahlo said that.

  2. Trevor Walsh says:

    Love these pictures, I know we should look elsewhere for the technicals, but the in process photos are a great help. I can’t wait for more.

  3. mdhills says:

    I, too, love quick grip clamps.

  4. Bob Bollinger says:

    Clever solution to a knotty problem.

  5. Doug F. says:

    It’s nice not to be needed for once.

  6. Don says:

    Okay???? What’s the connection? I should never read your blog in the early morning and with only one cup of coffee.

  7. Joe G. says:

    Did Michener think he was doing better than Tolstoy? That’d be like me saying, “Unless you think you can design better than Hank Gilpin, we don’t need you.”

  8. Turnus says:

    Tolstoy was a pretty good writer. Verbose, and odd, certainly, but at least he went on too long. D’oh!

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