The Axe, the Ginnet (Adze) and Auger

VII. He beareth Argent, an Axe, (or Carpenters Axe) in Bend Azure, the Hawme, Or; between a Ginnet and an Auger of the same: These are three Tools used principally by the Carpenters of which in their order.

First, the Axe used by the Carpenter, is the same in form to the Hatchet, only larger in the head, and longer in the Hawme, because it is to be used with both hands, and is for Hewing and Squaring of great Timber, to make it fit for use.

The Ginnet is used to cut and take off Irregularities in all sorts of work lying under hand or flat, which the Axe or Hatchet cannot be handled to touch: Some term it an Addice or Adz.

Of these Ginnets or Addices, there is another sort also used by Carpenters, which hath its Blade made thin and somewhat arching (as this doth) but the other end is faced or headed like to a great Hammer. These Instruments as they have their edge athwart the Handle, so their Grinding to a Basil is on the in-side to the out-edge, which is the cause, when it is Blunt, it cannot be ground, unless the Helve be taken out of the Eye of the Addice.
B. 3 such with a Fess between A. the Hafts O. is born by Ginnett.
G. 3 such O. born by Froburgh.

The Auger, or Augre, or Oger, as some call it, hath in it, the Handle, which is of Wood, and the Shank, and the Bit which Boreth; its office is to make great and round holes suitable to the rotundity of the Bit; and when it is used, the Stuff worked upon, is commonly laid below under you, or set equal to your Breast; that ones strength may be the easier used for the twisting the Bit about by the force of both hands.

There are several sorts of them from a quarter of an Inch Bore, to 4, 5, or 6 inches in the Diameter, but big or little, their form and make is all one and the same.
A. an Oger B. Handle O. born by Neber.
A. 3 such S. Handles O. born by Oger or Auger.

— From Randle Holme’s “The Academy of Armory, or, A Storehouse of Armory and Blazon” Book III, Chapter IX. Why am I reading this?

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