Saws, Mallets, Hatchets

III. He beareth Sable, a Frame Saw, or a Framing Saw, Argent, the Cheeks,
Or. The use of this Saw is to cut Miter and Bevile squares for Frames
and Cornishes on the top of Wanscot. The use of the Cheeks to the sides
of this Saw, is to keep and strain the Blade streight, which of it self
is thin and slender, and cannot do its work without such an help. It is
also termed a Bow Saw, and a Tenant Saw.

IV. He beareth Sanguine, a Joyners Mallet, Argent. By the name of Mallet.
There is much difference between the Masons, and the Joyners or
Carpenters Mallets, the first being round and heavy; the others square
both in the face and sides; though in this place my Graver hath not
performed his part; yet elsewhere you may see the true shape of them chap. 8. numb. 141.

S. 3 Mallets A. born by Von Schleyer of Alsatia.

A. 3 such G. born by Van Falcken.

V. He beareth Argent, an Hatchet Azure, the Hawme Or: The Bearer goes by the name of Hatchface.

S. a Fess between 3 Hatchets A. born by the name of Wrey.

B. 2 such endorsed O. born by Sturmfeder of the Rhine.

G. one in Bend O. born by Trzinsky.

The use of the Hatchet is to hew the Irregularities of such pieces of
Stuff, which may be sooner Hewn then either cut with Chissels or Sawn;
for that end it is used as an Instrument of Execution for the Beheading
of great Offenders, and Rebellious and Irregular Livers: The right side
of it (in its use of cutting) is ground down to a Bevil, or edge, which
is afterwards set or made more sharper, with a Whet-stone, as other
Working Tools.

VI. He beareth Vert, an Hatchet Head, Argent. Some term it an Hatchet sans Hawme, or Halve.

O. the like, the Basil or edge erected G. born by Franckenstein.

A. the same in Bend Sinister G. born by Finchen or Fincken.

— From Randle Holme’s “The Academy of Armory, or, A Storehouse of Armory and Blazon” Book III, Chapter IX. Why am I reading this

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