Never miss a chance to use hand tools!

So how would I describe Lost Art Press? To say we are hand tool enthusiasts, purveyors of the lost art etc, is all true but it doesn’t quite capture our real spirit. I prefer woodworking adventurers. You know like the people from “Land of the Lost” wandering around the dangerous and fantastic. So to keep in the spirit of LAP while on vacation I agreed to jump into an ocean kayak and head directly toward a pod of dolphins. I had seen these young girls do this numerous times and it looked quite easy so what could go wrong?

While hauling the kayak out past the breakers, the bow caught a wave and slammed into my chin causing a small chip in my tooth. As those of us over 40 realize, it is just as easy to get hurt as it was when we were in our 20’s, the difference is the length of time it takes to heal. Like the time a helpful student pointed out an error of mine with a left that put my nose into the shape of the letter “C”. It took three months for the swelling to reduce and my nose to look close enough to call straight. I also nursing a groin pull but that’s another blog entry.

So anyway, I had this chipped tooth that needed to be fixed. I dismissed the obvious dremel with sanding disc as so 90’s. I wanted a hand tool. Ah an emery board!! Now I had to violate certain hand tool maxims like not using the entire length of the tool. My mouth was in the way which caused excessive wear in small areas of the board which required me to float the entire board prior to next use. But the grit was perfect! I say about 20 or so strokes did the trick. And now the photos…

Hand tools are fun!

Here I am embarrassed to show my horrible injury!

Wawaweewaweee! Another hand tool miracle!

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5 Responses to Never miss a chance to use hand tools!

  1. Clever and resourceful! On a similar note, I have fixed a chipped fingernail with a piece of 220 grit sandpaper in my workshop, not wanting to leave my project and head into the house for an emery board.


  2. Ben Davis says:

    Nice shirt!


  3. Philly says:

    Sorry to hear about your accident – hope this doesn’t ruin your modelling gig??
    Best regards


  4. John says:


    I think other things have ruined it!

    Back to work on Monday!

    Wish I was in London.



  5. Kevin Schuitema says:

    One question….were you drinking before you decided to chase the dolphins?


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