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Troublesome Carpenters at The Old Bailey

Given a choice between reading estate inventories or criminal records I go for the criminals. The carpenter above was found guilty in August of 1678 and his punishment was having ‘M’ branded on his thumb. If convicted of murder he … Continue reading

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Marriage Marks and Apotropaios

In Chris’ recent post, “We Are Equally Crappy,” a few readers asked about marriage marks, also known as a cabinetmaker’s triangle. Above is Monsieur Roubo’s version. Why have boring straight edges on your triangle when you can have curvy, sexy … Continue reading

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Qusayr’Amra: Desert Time Capsule

Imagine it is late spring in 1898 and you are a 29-year-old Moravian-born priest traveling with a tribe of bedouins to a desolate spot to look at some wall paintings in an abandoned building. You walk in and see colorful … Continue reading

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The Man of Slender

Christopher von Schwarzlandia will soon be back in the Landes of Kentuckie (and I will go into hiding). Enjoy the long weekend and get thee to your shops and make something! Here’s some inspiration. –Suzanne Ellison

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The Roman-Era Carpenters of Khirbet Wadi Hamam

This mosaic fragment was found during the 2007-2009 excavations of a synagogue in Khirbet Wadi Hamam, a Roman-era settlement in the Lower Galilee area of Israel. The mosaic floor is dated to the late 3rd century to the early decades … Continue reading

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The Medieval Mudejar Craftsmen of Teruel Cathedral

Groundbreaking for Teruel Cathedral in Aragon, Spain, was in 1171 with consecration around 400 years later. Much of the construction and artwork was done by mudejar craftsmen. The nave has a wonderful coffered ceiling decorated with carvings and painted in … Continue reading

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The Silk Road of Monkey Tales

Marco Polo is one of my heroes. That’s him and his fellow travelers on my favorite map the Catalan Atlas of 1375 by Abraham Cresques. I enjoy tales of adventure whether it is the real life wanderings of Marco Polo … Continue reading

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