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A Preview of ‘The Art of Joinery’

With our second edition of Joseph Moxon’s “The Art of Joinery” at the printer, I’ve had several e-mails from readers wondering why they should buy a 17th-century woodworking book written by a printer, globe-maker and hydrographer to the king. Note … Continue reading

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‘The Art of Joinery, Revised Edition’ Now in Store

“The Art of Joinery, Revised Edition” is now at the printer, so we are offering a pre-publication offer: free domestic shipping if you order before Nov. 4, 2013. The book is $21 shipped anywhere in the United States if you … Continue reading

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‘Art of Joinery’ in the Birth Canal

Our revised edition of Joseph Moxon’s “The Art of Joinery” is only a couple weeks away from going on press and will be released in November – just in time for the holidays. “The Art of Joinery” was the first publication … Continue reading

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Update: Roubo, Studley & Handworks

We just wrapped up two days at the Handworks show in Amana, Iowa, and loaded almost nothing back into the van for the return trip – except for some T-shirts and one box of books. Dang it was a good … Continue reading

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Free Download: Joseph Moxon’s ‘Mechanick Exercises’

I’ve always been surprised how hard it is to find Joseph Moxon’s “Mechanick Exercises” in the public domain. A few years ago I stumbled on a link from that HathiTrust and totally forgot about it. While doing some research on … Continue reading

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The Wolfenbüttel Joiner

Jeff Burks turned up a great print dated 1651-1725 (artist unknown), that is owned by Herzog August Bibliothek in the German city of Wolfenbüttel. Lots of interesting things to see here: 1. A “slab” bench. I don’t write about these … Continue reading

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The Road to a Moxon Revision

Getting through U.S. Customs Saturday was a harrowing experience. I was certain they would pull me aside and go through my luggage because my declaration card was filled with red flags I’d gathered during my three weeks in Melbourne, Australia. … Continue reading

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