My Final Column at Core77


You can read my final column at Core77 about how to get paid for your work via this link. Please note that the topic of this column and the fact that I won’t be writing there in the future have nothing to do with each other. Promise.

Rain Noe, my editor at Core77, has been fantastic. It’s been one of my best experiences as a freelancer. My column was cut, I’m told, for budget reasons.

The topic of my final column likely will not appeal to most of you. It’s about the strategies I use to make sure I get paid for my freelance and contract work – writing, designing and building. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and this column might help you avoid a few scars.

Thanks to Rain and everyone at Core77 for hosting my writing (and paying me promptly) for the last 12 months.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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19 Responses to My Final Column at Core77

  1. loxmyth says:

    Link uri is missing the period after wee.


  2. hgordon4 says:

    I’m sorry to hear it will be your last column at Core77. Like all the others, this one is gold. Speaking as a CPA/consultant, I think your advice is spot-on. All small business owners should heed your advice – whether “change your ways” or just as a good reminder. Perhaps in addition to teaching and writing about woodworking, you should consider doing small business advisory work. ;>)


  3. Kapow says:

    I’ll patiently await this content elsewhere in cyberspace. I very much enjoyed that these columns went further in depth than the blogs, and covered a broader aspect of your work overall.


  4. ericspaw says:

    It’s nice to liked, but it’s better by far to get paid.

    Liz Phair – Shitloads of Money

    Or have a friend named ”Tiny”.

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  5. Steve C says:

    I never got into the Core 77. Lack of time I suppose.


  6. Jeremy says:

    Excellent series of articles that expand knowledge of some of the woodworking adjacent areas that many haven’t considered before jumping into their “follow their passion” arc.


  7. Salko Safic says:

    You have given very good advisory points which I shall endeavour to put them into practice. On the same token it’s thought provoking. I personally don’t feel sorry for what happened to popular only because of how Meghan was treated. I don’t know the specifics, but it isn’t hard to see when injustice is being served. I think that was openly evident but unfortunately history will continue to repeat itself.


  8. Rudy Everts says:

    Man, i really liked your columns at core77, bummer.


  9. Timothy Gray says:

    will your columns still be available at a later date or will they be deleted?


  10. Pascal Teste says:

    Too bad you got cut. The column was an interesting window into the inner workings of your furniture making profession. All valuable information for anyone thinking of getting serious about the craft, and live off of it.


  11. Walther says:

    It is sad for me to read that I will no longer be able to read your written word on Lost Art. I’m an old guy new to woodworking. I’ve read your work and saw you on Roy Underhill’s programs. You and Roy and Paul Sellers are kind of the soul of woodworking from my standpoint. No, I can’t cut dovetails yet but now I know that learning how to use hand tools along with machines, and after realizing that woodworking is almost spiritual as well as technical, I’ll not sweat it and just learn and practice and get good at it. You are truly an artist and unfortunately they are never paid their true worth because it’s all about money in today’s society. I’m truly sorry to see you go but with your talent and down to earth communication skills, you will not be idol very long. I wish you well.


  12. ctdahle says:

    Outstanding advice succinctly stated. Wish I had heard it and followed it 30 years ago.


  13. Steven Vlahos says:

    Terrific article.

    As a freelancer for the last 3 years (running my own consulting business) I can attest to the complete accuracy of all your points.

    The ‘screw you’ fund is absolutely essential no matter how good you are. It’s just the nature of the game. Freelance work always gets lumpy at some point.


  14. Thomas Hagerty says:

    if you’re not aware of JL Collins, you should be:

    His book ‘the simple path to wealth’ is life changing.



  15. Andrew Sparks says:

    Hi Chris – I found the article solid advice that bears repeating frequently for all self-employed and small business owners.
    One thing confused me though. You referred often to “suppliers” – do you not mean customers contract owners or employers? Ie someone you are selling goods or services to.
    To me a supplier is someone you buy something from and pay them for it.
    Or is this an American English thing I don’t get (being a Kiwi)


  16. Leif Hansen says:

    Core 77 is all about cad generated designs for 3d printers from lofty design firms. I doubt any of them ever leave the office when developing a project.
    It was good exposure for LAP; a different readership that never heard of you or LAP.


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