Now in Store: Edwin Skull Chair Poster, Circa 1865


Our limited-edition run of Edwin Skull posters is now available in the store for immediate shipment. These are perfect for the chair nerd in your life (even if that chair nerd is you). Here are the details:

One of the most delightful images I’ve turned up in my research on historical chairs is a broadsheet printed by the Edwin Skull chair company in High Wycombe. The color image features 141 of the chairs offered by the firm, including the “Skull’s Patent Plectaneum Chair,” a famous folding chair.

The Skull firm traces its roots back to Charles Skull (1780–1851), who was a chair japanner in High Wycombe. Two of his sons, Edwin and Walter, started making chairs and because known for making high-quality goods. About 1865, the firm issued this broadsheet to show the wide range of chairs the company made and the awards it had received.

The firm survived into the 1930s but was acquired by rival Furniture Industries Ltd. in 1932. Furniture Industries is now called ercol and operates in the High Wycombe area. As a nod to its heritage, the chairmaking department at ercol is still referred to as “Skulls.”

The Skulls broadsheet has been published in a couple books by Ivan G. Sparkes, including “The English Country Chair” (Spurbooks), but the images were so small that it was difficult to study it in detail.

Where, I wondered, was the original? And could we obtain a copy of it?

Enter our researcher, Suzanne Ellison, who tracked down the original at the Wycombe Museum. After some negotiations, the museum agreed to produce a high-resolution image of the broadsheet that we could use for a limited-edition poster of 500 units.

In exchange for this, we helped pay for the new digital image and will donate a portion of the proceeds of poster sales directly to the Wycombe Museum.

Our Edwin Skulls poster is printed here in Cincinnati on heavy, #120 uncoated stock. The poster measures 13” x 19” and ships in a stiff cardboard tube. The price is $18, which includes domestic shipping.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  1. Klaus N. Skrudland says:

    Any idea when this will be up for sale at Classic Handtools? I tried emailing them a few days back, but no answer yet. I’m really nervous of missing out on this one.


  2. says:

    LAP, Is there a way or list as to what is each chairs name? I see something below the chair but can not make it out. Thanks Ralph


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