2019 Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 5: Lie-Nielsen Dusting Brush


When Lie-Nielsen started selling this dusting brush (at the advice of David Chalesworth) I chuckled about it like when you see a guy wearing an ascot or pocket square.

Then I used it, and I bought one immediately.

Made with Chinese boar bristles, the brush is the perfect thing for getting crap out of the mouth of your handplane and from that tight spot on the plane’s sole between the body and the blade. It just works – better than a cheap paintbrush. And it’s just a nice thing. It’s the right size for the job, it is well-made and it helps support Lie-Nielsen Toolworks.

Plus it’s $15, so it’s a great gift.

— Christopher Schwarz

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12 Responses to 2019 Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 5: Lie-Nielsen Dusting Brush

  1. I have a short list of things that I consider to be perfect. Incapable of improvement. They always bring a smile to my face. This brush is one of those things.


  2. Mattias Hallin says:

    I, too, have, use and love this brush, and would very much second Chris’s recommendation!

    However, for the person who already has one, or as a companion gift, I would like to mention a silicon air squeeze bulb of the sort usually sold for getting dust off of camera lenses and the like.

    For an illustration of the sort of thing I mean, see : https://www.amazon.com/Polaroid-Blower-Perfomance-Silicon-Squeeze/dp/B0046UJFAG/ref=sr_1_5?crid=2WTXF0L7X5D25&keywords=air+bulb+for+camera+lens&qid=1575545020&sprefix=air+bulb%2Caps%2C206&sr=8-5 (please note that this is not an endorsement of neither this specific bulb, nor the vendor in question).

    I’ve found this kind of air bulb to be perfect for getting the finest dust out from the crevices around blade and mouth — essentially, everywhere that one would otherwise be inclined to apply air from the mouth! Apart from the air bulb having a nozzle that can be directed with more ease of precision than the lips usually provide, it (more importantly) eliminates the risk of blowing respiratory air humidity and/or spittle into the nooks and crannies of the plane. I got mine after discovering flecks of rust in spots into which I had a few days earlier blown air from the mouth …

    Your local camera shop, if you still have one, is likely to carry a selection of these bulbs at a price point somewhere around the $10 mark. And of course they can very easily be found online …


  3. Josh says:

    Wait a minute. Are you suggesting that people laugh at my ascot?


  4. Vince says:

    I worked with a guy who used compressed air to clean up his bench and tools. The air nozzle would create a huge dust cloud, then the compressor kicked in, making deafaning noise. This looks more sane. Thanks!

    (does it come in bronze?)


  5. Steve P says:

    I have always wanted one of these since I saw it at one of the local LN roadshow events here. Honestly mainly because i think it looks cool, old tool look with the name on it. However, the cost of shipping made it more than I wanted to spend. But just realized Craftsman Studio has free shipping this week.

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  6. jayedcoins says:

    This was something I thought was an unnecessarily pricey version of a thing you can get anywhere for a few dollars. Then someone got it for me as a holiday gift to go along with a LN gift certificate, and yes, it is absolutely way nicer. Who’d have thought making a good brush for dealing with shavings and dust would be surprisingly complicated?


  7. Finn Koefoed-Nielsen says:

    These look very much like they’re made by the same firm that still knocks out stippling, graining and dragging brushes for the dwindling band of decorators who remember how to use ‘em. A lost art, almost…

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    • chucknickerson says:

      Which company is this? Finding these tools used is testing my patience.


      • Finn Koefoed-Nielsen says:

        They’re a UK based company called Handover – it looks like their brushes are available from a few different vendors online (or if you’re in London, from Cornellisen art supplies near the British Museum, which is one of the best shops in the known universe!). Hope this helps.


  8. dbfowlersf says:

    I love this brush – your review bailed why it’s a great tool.


  9. অস্থির যাযাবর says:

    I purchased one of these when I visited the LN showroom a couple years ago. I bought a whole bunch of planes easily over a thousand dollars, but was faffing over whether to get this $13 brush. I got it and I love it…one of my most used tools in the shop. It’s just oddly perfect.


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