One Massive & Precise Protractor


Recently I wrote about the vintage chalkboard protector I use for laying out precise angles in woodworking. Now Ed Sutton at FirstlightWorks makes a version that is far nicer than my old screen-printed tool.

The Firstlight protractor is laser cut from 6mm birch ply and is 12” long along its baseline. The large size is what gives these tools their advantage. Suddenly, marking an angle to a third of a degree is child’s play.

Ed sells them to customers inside the UK plus those in Europe and the U.S. After the currency conversion, the protractor cost me a bit more than $40 (which includes shipping). It’s a small price to pay for the precision.

I ordered one today. Full confession: This is a tool we had considered making for Crucible. Ed beat us to it. Nice work, Ed.

— Christopher Schwarz

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7 Responses to One Massive & Precise Protractor

  1. Nik Hughes says:

    Sadly, it now shows as “sold out” when I tried to procure one.

    • Patrick Delaney says:

      Schwarz Effect. I got one, thanks for the heads up Chris, can’t wait to use it on my next chair.

  2. johncashman73 says:

    I hope WR doesn’t start making them.

  3. Salko Safic says:

    Australia doesn’t exist?

  4. toolnut says:

    Crucible could still a version of this. He’s overseas so you really won’t be stepping on his toes and if you did, a little healthy competition is a good thing.

  5. Ludger says:

    While these are sold out, the printable templates from this website may be an interesting way to get started with making your own (very) large, accurate protractors:

  6. Jim Weisgram says:

    did you mean chalkboard protractor rather than protector?

    I assume yes, and some diabolical spell checker/fixer took care of correcting that for you.

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