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Lately, I’ve been thinking, “Why not grab some of this internet sponsorship cash?” And so we have taken on a sponsor – the Malodorous Rubber Mallet Co. I’ve agreed to use the company’s mallets in social media photos and will be impartially reviewing the mallet against all other mallets ever made in this dimension (and others) in the coming weeks.

All I can say at this point is that this mallet is so good that you can smell it coming. It offers the Perfume of Percussion. The Whiff of Whacking. The Bouquet of Beating.

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39 Responses to Our New Sponsor

  1. I always like it when this Chris arrives on the scene.

  2. David Ryle says:

    Okay, what have you been smoking. No judgement, confession is good for the soul…….so my wife tells me.

  3. JMac says:

    Sell out! What next…Powdermilk Biscuits!?

  4. boclocks says:

    You missed April 1 by a month. Close, but no… joint?

  5. boclocks says:

    Sniff, sniff. What’s that smell?

  6. Andrew M Volk says:

    Do I smell a sticker coming?

  7. Andrew Brant says:

    Mmm, off-gassing petroleum distillates, the sign of a true maker.

  8. jbakerrower says:

    So when will it be available on your website? I want the big, stinky one…

  9. rushbycraig says:

    That made me laugh! I have a rubber mallet that I bought at “The Harbor”—It reeks! Every time I walk past the tool box it’s in, I think to myself “how could that thing stink so bad for so long?”

    • Ryan says:

      I have the exact same mallet! 15 years, and the smell is still going strong. Must be the special molecular chinesium they add to the rubber.

    • johncashman73 says:

      I bought one too! I needed a big 4 pound dead blow, so bought the orange one at HF. I put it in the car, made a quick stop at another store, and when I returned, the car smelled to high heaven. I left that mallet outdoors for most of the winter, and the smell is finally gone.

  10. Geordie Smith says:

    a noxious knock for every kinetic persuasion occasion

  11. Marion J. Ince says:

    I hear they’re reekin’ good!

  12. Mike Kolodner says:

    Chris, you do make me laugh out loud…which is nice! HAHAHA!

  13. Ode de ficus elastica…

  14. toolnut says:

    Do you think you would be able to talk you new sponsor into allowing you to make a sticker out of the above logo/ad? It would be awesome.

  15. Carl Rogers says:

    Looks like a t-shirt to me.

    Fancy logo on the front with those quotes across the shoulders on the rear.

  16. Jon says:

    “The Whiff of Whacking. The Bouquet of Beating.” Smelled that a lot when I taught 7th and 8th grade boys…

  17. Dave Arends says:

    Sticker and a T-shirt, please.

  18. ejcampbell says:

    I want the sticker!

  19. ejcampbell says:

    I want this sticker!

  20. Doug says:

    I vote for the first LAP scratch-and-sniff sticker.

    Well played, dear sir, well played.

  21. johncashman73 says:

    Sponsorship, tools, and clothing are all well and good, but social media is where the real money is. You should start LAPdate as a social media destination.

  22. Danny Roberts says:

    The mallet in the picture is a buffalo hide mallet.
    Obviously MRM Inc’s engraver couldn’t take the smell of the real rubber McCoy.

  23. jayedcoins says:

    What else can this mallet do? At a minimum it also has laser levels, right? A tool must have at least two or three functions to be useful. Also it should come painted in a very particular red, otherwise it just wouldn’t look right on my pegboard where all my other tools of that particular red reside.

  24. Shannon Troester says:

    +1 sticker

  25. Joe says:

    What the heck kind of rubber mallets are you using? 🙂 I know the black deadblow mallets smell awful (I bought an orange one by tekton and it didn’t smell, neither did my friend’s really no-name orange one) no matter where you get them from.

    But the white rubber mallets that Chris hates have never smelt in my experience. Do the black ones smell worse?

  26. Jason says:

    He who helt (held) it, dealt it? Or is that another kind of manly impact?

  27. rwyoung says:

    Look like a ferret. Smell like a clown.

  28. Malodorous Rubber Mallet was the first tool I ever loved! Apparently when I was <2 years old I learned to open the fridge, grab a can of beer, and walk around the house with it. My dad learned that if he kept an MRM near the couch he could trade me for the beer. Where do I sign up for the sticker and (hopefully odorless) t-shirt value pack?

  29. Steve C says:

    Kewl. A mate for my Snap-on mallet. Looks like comparison time…

  30. denver80203 says:

    I see a flood of new sponsors and stickers.
    Next up:
    Wide Kerf Saw Co. With specially bent teeth to maximize dust and minimize pinch.

  31. Joe says:

    I will pass. I have my heart set on a lump hammer. 🙂

  32. antinonymous says:

    We may now be out of those drafty old caves, but this is clear proof we’re still working on our clubs.

  33. Bruce Lee says:

    If it REALLY did smell like a ferret, you could make a comfortable living in selling them for getting rid of rats and mice, who can’t stand the smell, largely because ferrets are natural predators of rodents. One ferret can be enough to clear a warehouse of rats in an hour or so, just don’t stand too close or you will be swarmed by panic stricken rodentia.

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