Wisdom from Pine Mountain

“I’ve heard that all my life, a chairmaker never has a thing to set on.”

— Chester Cornett, as quoted in “Craftsman of the Cumberlands” (University of Kentucky Press) by Michael Owen Jones

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8 Responses to Wisdom from Pine Mountain

  1. M D says:

    A cobbler’s children have no shoes

  2. Richard says:


    “A dining chair should not be too comfortable anyway, as a person might sit at the table too long and eat too much.”

    —Someone, p. 210

  3. Michael Mavodones says:

    Wait a minute Chester

  4. johncashman73 says:

    That seat looks like it will be a bear to carve.

  5. And contrary to fears a year ago, UPK is still going strong, publishing good work (for now).

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