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I forgot to include the following entry in my Anarchist’s Gift Guide at Popular Woodworking. So I’m posting here because you are all so sweet.

Global Art No. 08 Palette Knife
This tool has been in my kit for 20 years know. When I use it a lot, I start to wonder about my level of craftsmanship. It’s the Global Art No. 08 palette knife, and I use it to sneak glue into tight spots for repairs. It’s also good for applying glue to dovetails and smearing glue on mortise walls.

The thin blade (.015” thick) can go places no popsicle stick (.08” thick) can manage. The knife is made from spring steel, so it is flexible and strong. The width (.625”) carries enough glue to smear on the affected area. And the tool is well-made – it even has a ferrule.

I bought mine at a Michael’s craft store, but you can find them online here or at your local art supply store. They are inexpensive – about $6 or so. (Avoid the plastic knives; they break.)

When the knife gets coated with glue or what not, use a scraper to remove it and you are back to new.

— Christopher Schwarz

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7 Responses to Anarchist’s Gift Guide Bonus Content

  1. Thom Eno says:

    Great tool, I’ve got an old one too.

  2. Rachael Boyd says:

    I love mine I use it mostly to get the hide glue under veneer when doing repairs. gets the glue way up under with out lifting the anymore than necessary.

  3. Andrew Brant says:

    These kind of palette knives are wonderful. Another one of my holdovers from oil painting. It’s been at home in my tool chest for a long time now. Great call

  4. Ray says:

    I too use a palette knife to smear glue and mix epoxy. Great tool.

  5. johncashman73 says:

    I like the handle. Looks like it could have been Benjamin Seaton’s palette knife.

    If I do a small applied carving, I temporarily glue it to a backer board, with some weakened hide glue and brown paper in between. A palette knife is great for separating the carving when it’s done.

  6. alsatiannd says:

    I love palette knives for removing paint. I restore windows and doors, so do that a lot.

  7. john says:

    If it is not tapered, then you would enjoy even better a cake spreader, often in stainless.

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