Name the Image Source: A Call for Help

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Edit: Thank you! Mystery solved!

As we’ve worked on David Savage’s forthcoming book “The Intelligent Hand,” I’ve been sourcing a number of images both to secure permissions and to get high-resolution versions suitable for print. While my sleuthing skills are reasonably well-honed, one cluster of images has me beat. I’m hopeful you can help.

The images above and below show Euclidean proportions in the 17th-century Katsura Imperial Villa, located in what is now a suburb of Kyota, Japan.

I’ve paged through numerous books on the villa (in both English and Japanese) and spent hours online looking for these specific sketches, but no joy.

If anyone can identify the source, I’d be grateful. Post a comment or drop me an email (my name below is linked to my address).

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— Megan Fitzpatrick

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9 Responses to Name the Image Source: A Call for Help

  1. kerry doyle says:

    I can not help you source this, but I assure you it is a delightfully cheezy way to arouse my interest for the publication. Well done!

  2. bknabel says:

    I don’t have my copy handy and you’ve probably already checked. But this looks like the artwork in “The Power of Limits” by György Doczi. Good luck!

  3. Jeremy says:

    I hope you find it. I’m really curious about that arc pattern in the center, it looks both new and familiar to my eye, assuming it’s some sort of Fibonacci sequence but it’s not jumping to mind where I’ve seen it, or the exact proportions happening here.

  4. I’m almost certain it’s the beautifully illustrated, The Power of Limits, by Gyorgy Doczi, Shambhala Publications. Check the drawings in this image search: … I actually lent it to a friend a few years ago, getting it back now to see if I can confirm your image with a page # and reference details.

  5. Nat Bender says:

    I can confirm that it is from page 125 of Power of Limits.

  6. joefromoklahoma says:

    Yay!! – Mystery solved…and I’ve got another book to buy. Winning!!!

  7. Library hold duly placed 🙂

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