In the meantime, tomorrow, there is school.

Grandpa's_Workshop1This is an excerpt from “Grandpa’s Workshop” by Maurice Pommier. 

Pépère watched me with a strange expression. He ran his fingers through my hair, and he said, in the softest voice :

— That’s the story…

— But I woke up just afterward! Tell me, nobody ever tried to make a new handle for the hammer?

— Ah, you know little rabbit, I don’t think so. That DAMMED HAMMER has always skulked around in the tool chest of some member of our family. But understand, really, that it is the men who decide how tools are to be used. And always remember, that drunkenness and anger never give birth to good things


— But you, Pépère, how did you know what happened to Abel?

— When I was a little boy, I asked Pépé Clothaire why this hammer’s handle had never been replaced.

— And you, did you also ask Pépé Clothaire how he knew the story?

— Pépé Clothaire told me that the elves in his shop taught him the story. So the hammer stayed in Pépé Clothaire’s tool chest, and after he died, nobody used his tools, except for the American carpenter’s big saw. It was your mother’s brother who used these tools.

— It wasn’t Uncle Gaspard, he has all modern tools in his joinery shop. What was his name , my uncle you never want to talk about?

— Étienne… He was our first boy. We had three children, Gaspard and your mother were his brother and sister. He had a tragic accident. He was a carpenter, and fell from the top of a church while rebuilding the roof beams . He braced his foot on the ANGEL’S HEAD in the chest. The piece broke out from under him, an angel that didn’t do his job . Since the accident, his chest has never been opened. Tools sleep and die if nobody uses them. You have woken them up a little.

Pépère told me that story without looking at me

Tomorrow it is back to school. I am going to see my friends again, but I will not see Pépère as much. I have to hurry. I need to finish my BOAT before vacation ends.

— You are well on the way to becoming a boatbuilder!

— No, Pépère, later, I want to be a joiner, like you, and I will work with your tools!

— Rabbit, I am really happy to hear you tell me that. If you want to become a joiner, I will show you how to use the tools little by little. But you also have to learn to work with the MACHINES like those in your Uncle Gaspard’s shop. You will not work alone, like us, and not in the same way.


In the meantime, tomorrow, there is school, and that is also very important to become a good woodworker.

Meghan Bates

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  1. tsstahl says:

    It is a great story for kids. Oh, and there are a bunch of woodworking references, too.

    Trigger warning for mollycoddling parents, your precious snowflake may learn something of real life from this book. The story is closer to Grimm’s Snow White, than Disney’s.

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