More Classes at the Lost Art Press Storefront


Megan Fitzpatrick and Brendan Gaffney have opened up some new classes that will be taught in the Lost Art Press storefront in 2018.

All three of us have been busy getting the store and shop ready. We now have six high-quality workbenches in the front room of the storefront, which is filled with natural light. And the mechanical library, Horse Garage and biergarten are coming along nicely as well. All in all, it will be an excellent place to learn handwork.

Here are the details on the classes:


Build a Dutch Tool Chest with Megan Fitzpatrick
Feb. 17-18, 2018
Cost: $300 plus a materials fee. To register, click here.

During this intense two-day class you’ll build a Dutch tool chest from pine using dovetails, dados, rabbets and nails. Because of the demands of the project, this class will likely run into the early evening to ensure everyone will complete their chest. The Dutch chest is an excellent introduction to handwork and the result is a fine place to store your tools.


Build the Cabinetmaker’s Sector with Brendan Gaffney
June 2-3, 2018
Cost: $300, which includes all raw materials. This second class is already full with people who signed up for the first class. We’ll be opening a wait list soon.

In this two-day class, students will build their own Cabinetmaker’s Sector, my modernized design for the ancient geometer’s tool, used for drawing, drafting and (in my shop) the layout of dimensions and joinery on woodwork. The class will revolve around the skills of modern hand-tool makers, including careful marking and measuring, mixing metal and wood, hand shaping, finishing and (of course) how to use the tool.

Each student will be provided the wood and the necessary brass hinges and pins, everything needed to produce the sector. The first day will revolve around affixing the brass and wooden tabs into the tools, riveting the leaves together, flattening and lapping the tools and reviewing the principles behind the geometry of the sector. The second day will revolve around shaping the sectors, stamping and inking the sector marks, finishing the sectors and learning to use them in the shop. Every student will leave with a completed sector, plus the knowledge of how it works and how to use it.

Build a Shaker Silverware Tray with Megan Fitzpatrick
June 23-24, 2018
Cost: $250, plus a small materials fee for wood & cut brads (likely around $30). To register, click here.

Make a classic Shaker silverware tray in this introduction to hand-cut dovetails. In this two-day class, you’ll learn:

  • Dovetail layout using dividers
  • How to use a backsaw to saw to a line
  • How to wield a coping or fret saw
  • How to pare and chop to a line with a chisel
  • Several strategies for transferring the tails to the pin board
  • Techniques for fitting the joint
  • Why dovetails work – and we’ll look at some examples of long-lasting period dovetails that look as if they were gnawed out by a beaver – “perfection” is overrated when it comes to the efficacy of this joint. (That said, you’ll also learn some “tricks” for fixing less-than-stellar dovetails.)
  • How to lay out then cut and fair the handles (both the hand holds and the curved top edge)
  • How to smooth-plane your surfaces
  • How to use cut nails (to secure the bottom board)
  • And of course, how to put it all together (and why I recommend liquid hide glue).

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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29 Responses to More Classes at the Lost Art Press Storefront

  1. ctdahle says:

    If six benches means you have a 1:6 teacher to student ratio, these classes are a phenomenal bargain.


  2. jbakerrower says:

    Do you have a list of b&b’s nearby? Or local hotels/motels. I’d avoid the national chains if possible.


  3. steverennells says:

    Would the Dutch tool chest class be appropriate for someone new to Woodworking or is it too advanced? A better way to phrase that might be: do you want to deal with newbies in this class?


  4. baermj says:

    Will you have a waiting list, as the dutch tool chest is already full?


  5. Steve Timmis says:

    Do you anticipate offering this class again in the future?


    • fitz says:

      I would imagine so. I like this project, and it’s fun to teach. (If we do another, it will likely be in the late summer or early autumn.)


  6. trader4300 says:

    I am going to be in the area between Christmas and New Years. I would love to experience one of your classes if anything is being offered at that time.


  7. samcappo says:


    I see a Milkman’s workbench in one of those photos….have you heard of what happened to the one you donated a while back? I have not.


  8. jjeconomaki says:

    Hey Chris,

    I think it is really cool how you are helping Megan. From the periphery, you are lifting me from my politics derived major depression.

    Good job.



    Sent from my iPad


    • Hey John,

      Megan is unsinkable and really doesn’t need my help.

      I am only tying to help her in the way she helped me when I jumped off the corporate bandwagon. And she is the hardest-working (former) redhead in the world.



  9. What would the tool kit look like for the Dutch Tool Chest consist of? I’m just wondering about the feasibility of air travel for a class.


  10. But you are absolutely, positively, not opening a woodworking school. 😉


  11. gtrboy77 says:

    Any chance of offering a class on the Milkman’s Workbench?


  12. meanmna says:

    I am registered for Megan’s second silverware tray class by virtue of being on the waitlist for the first (thanks for that BTW). Any news when the waitlist will open for Brendan’s sector class? Or, have I missed it? I missed even making the waiting list the first time around and hope not to miss it again.



    • meanmna says:

      Sorry – this should have been in the original reply – but when do we get information for paying for the class, etc.? I would hate to miss that in a SPAM filter or something.


  13. Steve S says:

    Any chance you can share what wood and finish are used in the pictured silverware tray? It is gorgeous.


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