3 Campaign Pieces Sold

I’ve recently completed a handful of campaign pieces and have some extras I can sell. All three pieces were built as part of articles I wrote for Popular Woodworking Magazine, and so I am selling them at a discount. I don’t want these sitting around.

As always, all pieces are made and finished entirely by me. No subcontractors. Even the leatherwork. All prices include shipping in the United States. International customers are welcome, but shipping will be quite expensive.

All pieces are first-come. If you want one, send me a message through my personal site. Ask all the questions you like. But the first person to say “I want it,” gets it. I take PayPal, checks and mutant chickens as payment.


Walnut Campaign Stool, SOLD
This is about as nice a campaign stool as I’ve made. The legs are turned from air-dried Tennessee walnut. The black leather is English-made bridle leather. The tri-bolt is from Lee Valley. This stool includes a black leather carrying strap, which cinches the legs when the stool is folded up. Approximately 17″ high. Shellac finish.


Maple Campaign Stool, SOLD
This campaign stool was made in the flavor of my pieces from “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” It features hard maple legs that are tapered octagons. The black leather is English-made bridle leather. The tri-bolt is raw steel made from off-the-rack components. Approximately 17″ high. Shellac finish.


Curly Oak Bookstand, SOLD
This clever campaign bookstand folds flat and telescopes open. It features solid brass hand-filed hinges and locks. The leather is brown latigo from Pennsylvania. This is based on an original 19th century piece from Mascart & Cie in England. The piece folds from about 14″ wide to more than 20″. Height (unfolded) is 14″. Finish is shellac.


You can complain about my prices (too high/too low), using this link.

— Christopher Schwarz

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12 Responses to 3 Campaign Pieces Sold

  1. lblack2x4 says:

    I love the complaints link. Thanks for the laugh

  2. Luke Maddux says:

    For those of us who got in late, and for curiosity’s sake, what were the asking prices?

    • Walnut stool, $250. Maple stool, $150. Bookstand, $250

      • Very fair

        • D.J. says:

          Just curious, if the book stand were made just as well by an unknown person, would you still pay $250 for it?

      • Luke Maddux says:

        Practically a giveaway. No surprise they disappeared that quick. At that price I would be worried someone would hawk them on eBay and quadruple the price.

        • nrhiller says:

          Yes, you get it. (Signed: the person who, upon seeing the post, immediately wrote to Chris and snapped up the walnut and leather stool as a gift for my husband.) As a woodworker I am keenly aware that Chris was offering these pieces at super bargain prices. It’s an honor to have the prospect of adding his work to our home. For now the stool is in a box, waiting to be wrapped for the holidays.

  3. That last link was awesome, Chris.

  4. senrabc says:

    I’d like to complain about the prices. It’s the first time in my life I’ve looked at a piece of furniture and said to myself, wow I could have a Chris Schwarz bookstand for only 250 bucks. If you knew how cheap I am you’d know it was a miricle.
    Chris from Florida

  5. toolnut says:

    That walnut piece is really nice. (Wish I’d seen is post sooner.).

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