Creating Evenly Spaced Intervals with Dividers or a Sector

This is an excerpt from “By Hound and Eye” by Geo. R. Walker and Jim Tolpin; illustrated by Andrea Love. 

Now let’s move past bisection and divide a line into a bunch of evenly spaced intervals.

This process is useful for laying out such things as:


Now let’s divide a line up into four equal segments; first with dividers and then with the sector.



As you have likely guessed by now, you can use the sector to find most any number of segments.


Now let’s do something practical, such as spacing fasteners evenly on the side of a tool tote.


Meghan Bates





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3 Responses to Creating Evenly Spaced Intervals with Dividers or a Sector

  1. Jim O'Dell says:

    I ordered this book and “By Hand and Eye” and they’re supposed to be arriving the 11th. I’m excited. I’m not sure they’re going to arrive then though with Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida. We’ll see. I’m more worried about everyone in the projected path than my books.


  2. Matt J says:

    This book is a great read, I haven’t been able to find a sector for sale though, the website is sold out. May just have to make one!


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