First Look: Deluxe ‘Roubo on Furniture’


After an astonishing amount of work from people on two continents – not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment – a surprise showed up at the front door today.

It was a FedEx driver in a big truck. Sign this, he said. And then five boxes were sitting on the front step. Inside were the first copies of the deluxe version of “With All the Precision Possible: Roubo on Furniture.” It’s the biggest (physical and mental) thing we’ve ever published at Lost Art Press. It’s also the most expensive book we’ve ever made (and probably ever will make).

The book is now sitting in front of me, and I’m still a bit bewildered. It’s like our deluxe edition of “Roubo on Marquetry” (now sold out) but more than twice as thick.

I’ll have more to report on the book as we get it into the mail to all the customers who ordered pre-publication copies. And we’ll definitely have copies to show off at the next open day on Saturday, Sept. 9.

— Christopher Schwarz,

P.S. FYI, this book is available for worldwide delivery. Choose “Outside USA” when checking out and we’ll contact you about the actual delivery charges to your address.

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24 Responses to First Look: Deluxe ‘Roubo on Furniture’

  1. fitz says:

    Wow. Just…wow. I cannot wait to see it…and see if I can lift it.

  2. Congratulations, guys! Looking forward to getting mine delivered soon. The first volume was absolutely beautiful.

  3. Chris Wilson says:

    Hope the shipping boxes hold up better than last time

    • john says:

      I don’t understand this comment. I sent you an email just now. If there was or ever is damage to our products in shipping we address it.

      • Chris Wilson says:

        Oh the issue was addressed and a replacement sent, but having spent so much money and waiting so long for a book, who wants to wait even longer for a replacement when the issue could have been avoided by using a more robust shipping box.

  4. shopsweeper says:

    Congratulations to everyone! That book big would make my “new” table saw look tiny – good thing the PDF version is the only way that beautiful book ever gets into my dusty old shop.

  5. Mark says:

    I was there at WWIA the day the Roubo project was announced and if I recall, three volumes were initially intended. I know plans change along the way but just to clear things up, is there still intention, even if long term, to publish yet a third translation? I’m not counting the book of plates but correct me if I’m wrong. The translations are a remarkable achievement and I’m grateful for all your team has done.

    • The project has indeed changed. The team is working on two more volumes. I don’t think we’ll be able to publish deluxe editions of those, but definitely very nice standard editions.

      • Mark says:

        That’s great news, about the additional editions. Perhaps the winds of fortune will provide an opportunity to publish those deluxe editions. Either way, Lost Art Press has never published anything that wasn’t worth the money. I look forward to your continued success.

  6. Niels Cosman says:


  7. jarvilaluban says:

    Love the green and blue.

  8. With the cash from the first book sales you really should buy your daughter some new jeans.

  9. trader4300 says:

    I would like info on “Roubo on Marquetry”. Never heard of this before and would like to know more about this book, Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  10. rons54 says:

    This book is probably deserving of a lectern of it’s own, with a reading lamp. No, strike the probably.

  11. jay says:

    I might suggest you perform drop tests on the proposed and loaded shipping box/assembly from about 5 feet for: 1) the box’s corner onto a flat surface, and 2) the box’s long edge onto an elevated flat surface’s corner edge to simulate how the shipping entity drivers will be handling it. I know you have a replacement policy, but if it can be avoided we’ll all be ahead. also, don’t forget rainy season issues in some locales. I just received a delivery (from someone else) and it looked like it had been in a war zone, with bends, dents, and punctures!

    • We do this for all our packaging materials. The deluxe boxes are built for this specific book and are tested thoroughly before we use them.

      Sometimes extraordinary damage occurs (hurricanes, gorillas) that no box should be expected to withstand unless it’s going on Voyager.

    • tsstahl says:

      You didn’t know the Samsonite gorilla has family in the shipping business? 😉

      I got a used book from last Summer. The package literally had truck tire tread marks on it. I’m fairly confident the seller didn’t ship it that way. Thankfully it was a crap bound trade book so it was still usable for my purposes.

  12. Tim Bucktooth says:

    Spend some money, buy your child better clothing.

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