Caption Challenge!

Come on, you witty and waggish woodworkers!  Caption this illustration.


From  ‘Livre d’Amour’ by Pierre Sala, first quarter of the 16th-century. Collection of the British Library.

Suzanne Ellison

Editor’s note: I closed the comments after people began interpreting it as a political image.

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109 Responses to Caption Challenge!

  1. steverennells says:

    Chris Schwarz told me, “A sharp tool is a safe tool!”

  2. Jonathan says:

    “Why does my reflection have a massive schlong?”

  3. mcqacp says:

    Darryl …the brother of Darwin

  4. captainjack1024 says:

    Some woodsmen are all wet.

  5. Pierre’s youngest cousin Louis tries his hand at boat making, to great peril.

  6. therealdanh says:

    The cover of “Woodworking for Idiots”.

  7. “the curious case of the axeless shadow.”

  8. jhaitch says:

    Forsooth, it is the portrait of a dumbaxe!

  9. junt says:

    The first documented case of “Hey, watch this!”.

  10. bdormer says:

    About to make a total axe of myself…

  11. brinkreview says:

    Famous last words: “I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK!”

  12. Me thinkist, me an idiot

  13. frpaulas says:

    What could possibly go wrong?

  14. rwyoung says:

    How To Succeed In Politics — A Primer For Woodworkers

  15. Bury My Heart At Wounded Tree

  16. davevaness says:

    Gravity is a harsh mistress.

  17. davevaness says:

    Photo of Chris trying out an original Tibetan zen bench. Less is more, nothing is all.

  18. ejcampbell says:

    16th century diving board.

    Eric Campbell +1 617 803 4824


  19. “hold My Beer”

  20. Going out on a limb – A Medieval Guide to Yearly Bathing.

  21. davevaness says:

    Young Narcissus has found the perfect place to work,

  22. davevaness says:

    My finish of choice? Waterborne of course!

  23. Concerned for her soul, Helga decides to self-apply the test for being a witch.

  24. The Allegory of Print Journalism.

  25. brinkreview says:

    Make a Splash! Logging & Logrolling for Dummies.

  26. twgoebel40 says:

    A little more then wack from the shore.

  27. Cut Once, Drown Once.

  28. I’ll get this tree down, if it’s the last thing I do!

  29. Larry, an English playhouse actor and handaxe enthusiast, discovered gravity a year before Sir Isaac Newton. He was on lunch break from a Paul Sellers course.

  30. The Epic of Gilgamesh

  31. miathet says:

    I’m going to show her how awesome I am. I can chop a tree down faster than that guy over there.

  32. jbakerrower says:

    Must… Crush… Devil’s shadow!

  33. wpatrickedwards says:

    Just another Roy Underhill presentation…always entertaining stuff!

  34. jbakerrower says:

    (Apologies to John Gillespie Magee, Jr)
    Oh! I will slip the surly bonds of earth, And dance in the skies on laughter-silvered wings;

  35. Rich says:

    I’m gonna quit my day job and go into wood working full-time!

  36. david says:

    Hope Floats

  37. Sergeant82d says:

    My wife said not to come home without firewood, and to take a bath!

  38. drehlarry says:

    Never thinkest thou that thy labor will go unrewarded,………But looketh before thou chopeth!

  39. jmwagle86 says:

    Experience is a teacher, but she’s not for everyone.

  40. mnrwoods says:

    Walking the plank, woodworker style.

  41. Alan Peck says:

    What, me w’rry?

  42. “Look at the new skill I learned on YouTube!”

  43. Careful With That Axe, Eugene

  44. toolnut says:

    Earliest recorded incident of a “Triple Dog Dare”.

  45. This wouldn’t happen if he had used his Sawstop saw

  46. sugardoc says:

    I don’t often chop wood, but when I do I like to help out the beavers.

  47. daveincolo says:

    Careful now; don’t chop the toes!

  48. charlie says:


  49. I. cannot lie, she made me do it.

  50. toolnut says:

    Lumberjack Roulette

  51. boclocks says:

    Little book of love, my axe!

  52. Bryan Bishop says:

    “A Life Lived Authentic: How I Quit my Job to Live a Life of Traditional Craft Skills and Experimental Archeology – A TED Talk”

  53. The First Darwin Award — Posthumously!

  54. vadoucette says:

    “I think therefore, I am”.

  55. His last thought before he fell into the water was “I hope they noticed the secondary bevel I put on my axe…”

  56. Chris, the day after mentioning sharpening on his blog.

  57. Why is that painter laughing so hard?

  58. “If I hear one more ‘oh my grandpa liked to woodwork’ comment I’m going to chop it!”

  59. I believe this is the cover of WoodenBoat magazine’s first ever DIY issue with the lead article “Learn to be a shipwight in 10 minutes or less.”

  60. “He was born in Oklahoma
    His wife’s name’s Betty Lou Thelma Liz…”
    – RWH

  61. This’ll show that stupid reflection…

  62. jasoninoc says:

    Strange women lying in ponds distributing axes is no basis for a system of government.

  63. Kim Howarter says:

    To quote our friends from MASH: “Suicide is painless!”

  64. Tell Schwarz workbenches are for suckers

  65. sugardoc says:

    Prince Chumperdink’s fledgling attempt at hand hewn canoe building.

  66. colsdave says:

    Born to fail at woodworking… Hmph! I’m no hack…

  67. Oops, I forgot to wear something green today…

  68. David Pruett says:

    “Building a boat the hard way”

  69. Ron Kanter says:

    He forgot his safety glasses.

  70. tpobrienjr says:

    That ingrown toenail is a bummer.

  71. Mike Schuhow says:

    Roy Underhill’s forefathers early years.

  72. tpier says:

    One more swing and I have my own boat!

  73. Robert Brown says:

    I always like to trim my toenails before I have a bath. Cheers, Bob


  74. karlfife says:

    …But the clever woodworker exploits the weakness in the wood to accomplish his end.

  75. manitario says:

    Regrets were made

  76. Lee B says:

    The Royal Decree had been clear. “He who steppeth foot upon the King’s land shalt not fell a tree”, but the perseverance of the local woodsmen knew no bounds! Their cleverness, unfortunately, had more clearly defined limitations.

  77. Sean Hynes says:

    The trick to green woodworking is to start with really wet wood!

  78. Always cut on the ‘wet’ side of the line…

  79. Greater love has no man than this – that he cut off his nose to spite his face.

  80. American Politics

  81. diondubbeld says:

    How I feel everyday in the shop…

  82. HA! Goodbye, Rabbit! You’re gonna be a falling star!
    (using the voice of Daffy Duck)

  83. DMon says:

    “Oh, oh! I wonder how fast I can build a canoe?”

  84. adumbiam says:

    The perfect spoon crook!

  85. Roger Hylr says:

    Looks like a Democrat.

  86. 4 more and I can build a raft.

  87. making the jump to “working with green wood”

  88. taranos says:

    For perfect steam bending results, first soak the wood.

  89. chucknickerson says:

    Another of Chuck’s projects nears completion.

  90. “Got the tree, now I’m going for the little castle”

  91. kaunfried says:

    Roy at it again.

  92. Jeremy says:

    “Prelude to a drink”

  93. abtuser says:

    ‘Born to Fail at Woodworking’

  94. And that’s how I was beaten by a tree.

  95. colsdave says:

    Waling away with his axe, he began to get the sinking sensation that this may not have been the best way to show his chops…

  96. The inauspicious beginning of the first Schwarz woodworking empire in 1457

  97. amvolk says:

    How many things can you find that are wrong in this picture?
    1. Standing on the limb you are cutting
    2. Cutting too close to foot
    3. Cutting over water with potential to lose tool or get it rusty.

  98. Sharp fixes everything.

  99. davidhickspc says:


    • All I can say is you know nothing about socialism – another name is love. It is NOT communism as it is democratic. The Scandinavian countries have demonstrated stable social democracy for decades and surveys show they are consistently found to be the happiest countries.

      Trump is very close to stump don’t you think – nothing much will be left after.

  100. Mark Baker says:

    Where George Washington got his idea to chop down ‘the cherry tree’

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