Time to Order ‘Mortise & Tenon’ Magazine

Joshua Klein during a visit to Jonathan Fisher's Maine home.

Joshua Klein during a visit to Jonathan Fisher’s Maine home.

Joshua Klein, a woodworker and conservator in Maine, is now accepting pre-publication orders for the first issue of Mortise & Tenon Magazine, which looks to be very interesting reading.

You might have heard of Klein through his blog, The Workbench Diary, or some of the stories I’ve written about his research of Jonathan Fisher (Klein is writing a book about Fisher for us, by the way).

In addition to his conservation work, a young family, taking apart a house for later reconstruction and writing a book for us, Klein has poured an enormous amount of energy into Mortise & Tenon Magazine to make sure it is a high-quality, well-made publication.

Take a look at the table of contents for the first issue here.

Then click on the “Pre-order Now” button. The first issue is just $24 – a bargain for such a labor of love. I ordered mine as soon as I got up this morning.

Whether you like old furniture, handwork or conservation, you’ll find a lot in the first issue to love.

— Christopher Schwarz

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9 Responses to Time to Order ‘Mortise & Tenon’ Magazine

  1. Just ordered mine as well. Reading Joshua’s blog has really given me a smack on the head about some of the restoration work I’ve done on old furniture. I look forward to delving more deeply into furniture conservation with the magazine. Looks to be a healthy blend of topics!

  2. toolnut says:

    Hi Chris,
    Do you know how many issues per year he is planning on publishing? I couldn’t find that particular piece of information on his blog. Just trying to figure out (for budgeting purposes) if it is a quarterly publication, annual, etc.

  3. kendewitt608 says:

    Placed my order also. Think my wife is right, Chris and his posts cost me more than my daughter does.

  4. Derek Long says:

    150 ad-free pages for $24. How can you beat that? Looking forward to my copy.

  5. Brian Clites says:

    Ordered. And very much looking forward to it!

  6. tpier says:

    I guess I could give up my Pop Wood subscription for this unique magazine.

  7. edfurlong says:

    Ordered as well. There’s no better way to encourage the growth of hand tool work and knowledge than to support young, highly talented people who are clearly making a mark (with a vintage marking knife, no doubt), in the this area we love–and you get a great visual and knowledge resource to boot!

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