Stop Touching Your Brother’s Leg!


Two hours measuring and sketching. Three hours drafting. And those legs aren’t supposed to meet like that.

Now I’m looking around for a glass of Stone Old Guardian, which will make me forget this ever happened.

— Christopher Schwarz

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13 Responses to Stop Touching Your Brother’s Leg!

  1. mrogen says:

    Hi Chris,

    I was very curious to see what they were going to be. A longer won’t kill me. I wish I had a bit of Stone Old Guardian to share but the closest I have is some Murphy’s Original Stout.
    Go ahead and have one and only one, unless you’re done for the day. And since it’s only 3:40 I’m certain you have still more to attend to.

    Enjoy the one though,

  2. jdcook72 says:

    At first I didn’t get it, then I zoomed in. I assume the legs are supposed to just touch at the top, not overlap? Is there a reason you can’t just make the legs a little shorter or open the angle a little more? How about putting a little facet on the inside of each leg where they meet, might be a stronger design than just touching on an edge. Maybe your subconscious was trying to enhance your design for you?

    I’m sorry, I’ve been in the same situation. Can be frustrating. Maybe your subconscious was trying tell you you needed a beer. I’ve been in that situation as well.

  3. Daniel Clay says:

    Edit component, etc., etc. Your problem illustrates the absolute importance of learning keyboard shortcuts. One hand for the keys, one for the pint. I think that’s what they call division of labor.

  4. meanmna says:

    What about moving the decrotive stretcher up by about an inch. That will move the tops apart by a decent bit and may look better. The stretcher sitting on the floor looks a little odd.

  5. Don Bowen says:

    Stone, the biggest thing I miss about Southern California. I have been enjoying their products since they were in a couple of bays in a San Marcos industrial park. The address on my growlers is San Marcos. I am looking forward after this long day to a couple of Go To IPAs.

  6. Mark Popma says:

    Why are your posts ending up in my spam folder?  They use to come in my inbox.

  7. woodworkerme says:

    who is it that says that we don’t measure in woodworking, mark,cut , and it will fit.

    • Everyone in handwork says that.

      But this is CAD, I need to make a model for a magazine article. CAD is the opposite of handwork.

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