The History of Wood, Part 52


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4 Responses to The History of Wood, Part 52

  1. Jeremy says:

    At the risk of being labeled “odd” (too late for that I’m sure) I enjoy THOW, Congrats on making it to 52, I’ve been blogging now for ~2 calendar years and only have 37, which is 37 more than when I wasn’t sharing, so that’s better than nothing I suppose. Keep at it, great pics in this post!

  2. toolnut says:

    Happy Anniversary. Great pics, thanks for the laughs and the weekly reminder of what day of the week it is.

  3. misterlinn says:

    Loved it all. Didn’t understand any of it. But loved it all. Looking forward to year two…you’re not finished are you?

  4. Brian Clites says:

    Congrats on the 1st year. Writing is difficult; creative writing even moreso. I don’t usually “get” THOW, but I applaud the enthusiasm and humor it adds to the LAP blog.

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