The History of Wood, Part 43


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6 Responses to The History of Wood, Part 43

  1. toolnut says:

    I think you made history too much fun because based on my test results I didn’t learn one darn thing.

    • mcdara says:

      because this is “open book” I suggest you click on the tag at the bottom of the post (The History of Wood). This lets you click on all parts. Then you should start at the first one and re-read all of them and then take the quiz again…or not.

      • toolnut says:

        You want me to work for my grade? Now I know how my teenager feels when i tell him to study for his tests. I will go back and read just for the fun of it. But not because you told me to. ( channeling my teenager again in that last sentence.)

  2. bsrlee says:

    Pedant time: the ‘Dark Ages’ have been officially redesignated as ‘Early Medieval’, probably so people couldn’t make snarky jokes.

  3. misterlinn says:

    Phew, thanks McDara! Back to reality. I’ve just finished wading through the 87 comments on Chris’s post on criminals and needed a bit of humour. Btw, in the UK we have a word we use for criminals…businessmen.

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