A British Perspective on a Dutch Tool Chest Class Taught by a Loud-mouthed American

With every class there are three types of students.

  1. The type that is there to learn. They learn. They go home happy.
  2. The type that probably should consider a different hobby. (To be honest, that was me during my first woodworking class. Somehow I persevered.)
  3. The type that has no business there because they could easily teach the class.

Ed Sutton is in the third category. Ed runs the blog thingswemake.co.uk, and is actively involved on Instagram and Twitter. If you haven’t joined in on Instagram and Twitter, you should consider it. It hasn’t (yet) been overrun by trolls.

(By the way, Lost Art Press is on Instagram and Twitter, as well.)

Anyway, Ed was in my Dutch Tool Chest class in England this month (last month? who am I?) and has finished it up right pretty as we say in Arkansas (about our cousins). Here is his blog entry about the class. And check out his video, which is comprised of stills from the class.

— Christopher Schwarz

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6 Responses to A British Perspective on a Dutch Tool Chest Class Taught by a Loud-mouthed American

  1. brentpmed says:

    I am digging the Merit Badge patch. So, when I come to a class I not only get to make something, learn or improve a skill, hang out with great people, have a good beer, but I can earn a Merit Badge too? That is seriously cool


  2. abtuser says:

    NIce work all, nice photos and slide show. Makes you pine for England.


  3. Ooh, ooh, I want one of those patches.


  4. Oops, I didn’t mean to start a badge envy movement. Anyway, the day I can’t learn something from someone like Chris is probably the day to give it up. It was a great course and the Dutch Tool Chest itself is one of the most efficient tool storage solutions I’ve ever used. Thanks Chris.


  5. Another Great Blog post Chris. I have to admit since finding your blog. My day is not complete unless I read one of your posts. I love your way of writing. I am just about finished your one of your books and it has been a great read. I checked out Ed site and it was pleasure to view. I really enjoyed the video. You are a very inspiring person Chris and I want to thank you for all you do for the woodworking world.. Thanks Richg


  6. shopsweeper says:

    “The type that probably should consider a different hobby.”

    So when Chris kept asking about my golf game in class…


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