The Canadian Gravity Latch


Ric “Formerly Anonymous” Archibald made a cool little locking system for his Dutch Tool Chest. He calls it the “Gravity Latch.”

Ric, like a fair number of students, made a Dutch tool chest before taking the class on making the Dutch tool chest. Yes, I think it’s curious, too.

— Christopher Schwarz

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11 Responses to The Canadian Gravity Latch

  1. jonathanszczepanski says:


  2. rwyoung says:

    I thought that said “Canadian Gravity LUNCH”.

  3. frpaulas says:

    Call me dense, but I don’t get how you open it once closed. If I could figure that out, I might retro fit mine.

  4. bsrlee says:

    Just guessing, but you stick your fingers in through the two holes you can see about half way down the front board and just lift up on the moving slats, which have smaller holes in them so you don’t get your fingers caught but also give some grip.

    • frpaulas says:

      DOH! Completely missed them.

      • Lin Niqiu says:

        There’s no reason for the Homer Simpson impersonation. I also cannot see any clear indication as to how the holes allow a pair of fingers to move the slats up if that is indeed how the mechanism functions. Did he shove in his thumbs and just push inwards?

      • Lin Niqiu says:

        It might be hard to detect if he also painted the slats the same color of the exterior.

  5. Could be done wit magnets, and eliminate the holes, more secure also!


  6. That is very clever. I didn’t notice the little holes at first, really great addition to the DTC.

  7. jbgcr says:

    He’s Canadian so he used Robertson/square drive screws – did he clock them?

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