Plans: A Folding Campaign Bed


Because I spend 18 weeks a year on the road, teaching and researching, I am always relieved when I return home and my key still works in the front door.

I’ve always thought I should have a Plan B in the works, something I could stow in the shop that we could also use when we have extra visitors. But despite all my research on folding beds for “Campaign Furniture,” I didn’t find a plan I liked enough to build.

That is, until I stumbled on this plans from the April 1954 issue of The Woodworker magazine. It is structured very much like a folding campaign bed and collapses into a thin cabinet-like structure.

Download the entire 1954 article here.


It looks comfortable enough to sleep on for a couple days until the florist arrives with a few dozen roses, don’t you think?

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and DVDs specializing in hand tool techniques.
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12 Responses to Plans: A Folding Campaign Bed

  1. jwatriss says:

    After all the late nights this spring, I may need one of those myself…

  2. toolnut says:

    You’ve got to get another florist.

  3. wadeholloway says:

    Have you seen the Civil War. I got a copy of the plans from A J Hamler and built one a few months ago. It has been taken over by one of my Granddaughters and she has been using it for the last month. It rolls up instead of folding up. I roll it up and store it under the bed when not in use.

    • dennis30a says:

      Oh my how rude! I don’t believe Mr. Schwarz is quite old enough to have seen the civil war. I could be wrong but I think the chap looks quite young myself.

  4. You’ll need a wooden blanket to match. The Germans make them, of course (

  5. fitz says:

    Can you make that by next Friday? Pretty please?

  6. alanjbishop says:

    Why build a cot if you have a nice coffin?

    • tsstahl says:

      When I was researching building caskets (not a coffin by the strict definition, I’m told), one of the suggested uses before it was needed was flipped over to be the base of a twin bed.

      I don’t get it, but most people don’t get why I would want to build my own casket. :)

  7. Nick Webb says:

    Cf Jones pp1185-6. ;-)

  8. Bob Jones says:

    If the horizontal bars are low enough that they don’t hit your back, I’ll build it. Looks perfect for car camping (not backpacking without a Sherpa).

  9. It didn’t happen if there is no PICTURE!

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